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Rachel Stohl

Vice President, Stimson Center

Rachel Stohl is Vice President of the Stimson Center and directs its Conventional Defense program. She was the consultant to the Arms Trade Treaty process.

Unhappy Anniversary: The US ‘Unsigned’ the Arms Trade Treaty a Year Ago

The move has reaped the United States no benefits, and further undermined its international standing.


Trump's Withdrawal from Arms Trade Treaty Could Reduce US Exports

The Arms Trade Treaty has helped keep U.S. companies competitive in the global market by requiring other countries to adopt standards similar to America's.


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It’s time to rethink the tradeoffs between tactical efficiency and strategic risk. A new Stimson Center report lays them out.


If We're Going to Export More US Arms, Let's Do It Smarter

Here are some ways to help ensure that rising sales don't undermine American security.