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Ryan Costello

Policy Director, National Iranian American Council

Ryan Costello is Policy Director for the National Iranian American Council, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the voice of Iranian Americans and promoting greater understanding between the American and Iranian people.

The latest Iran deal is a win-win

A complicated prisoner swap should ease drug shortages that are killing ordinary Iranians—and put new pressure on Tehran’s leaders.


Gaslighting Can’t Obscure Trump’s Iran Failures

The Biden administration must make a firm break from Trump’s approach and restore the status quo ante.


The Slender Path Back to the Iran Nuke Deal — and Away from War

U.S. policymakers outside the administration must speak up about the need to rejoin the JCPOA, and so pave the way for Trump's successor to do so.


Don’t Let Trump Turn Iran into North Korea

Unless Congress, Europe, and other parties step up to protect the West’s nuclear deal with Iran, it will collapse, unshackling Tehran’s nuclear efforts.