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Sam Skove
Sam Skove is a staff reporter at Defense One, where he writes about the Army and Marine Corps. He previously worked in Ukraine covering the Russia-Ukraine war for The Daily Beast, Radio Liberty, and The New Republic, among other publications. He holds a bachelor's degree from Oberlin College and a master's degree from Georgetown's Security Studies Program.

US lacks long-term sustainment plan for key Ukraine weapons, Pentagon watchdog says

Getting new Patriot anti-air systems would be “painful,” a Defense Department official said.


It takes Europe at least a year to fill a Ukrainian order for artillery shells

And it's hard to buy 155mm ammunition from non-Western nations that make it, the Estonian defense ministry’s top civil servant said.


Russia is using SpaceX’s Starlink satellite devices in Ukraine, sources say

Elon Musk’s company, once hailed for aiding the besieged country, now appears to be helping its invaders as well.

Defense Systems

In shakeup, Army cancels planned scout helo, will retire two drones

After sinking nearly $2 billion into the FARA program, service leaders decide "enduring, unmanned, and space-based assets" would do the job better.


Russia may be trying to build 10,000 attack drones a year for use in Ukraine

A purported cache of stolen Iranian documents also suggests Moscow is paying a lot more than expected.


Army aims to double 155mm shell production by October

But hitting next year’s goal of 100,000 shells per month will require Congress to approve a Ukraine aid bill.


New Army space plan anticipates 'operator'-level space capabilities, general says

The new Army Space and Missile Defense Command leader also praised the use of Coyote anti-drone interceptors.


Army prep course has graduated 15,000 potential soldiers amid recruiting slump

With less than 30 percent of young Americans eligible for military service, the course aims to boost potential recruits' physical and academic scores.

Defense Systems

Marine Corps to field squad-level loitering munitions by 2027

The Corps’ experience with logistics drones is yielding valuable lessons on deconflicting with friendly aircraft.

Science & Tech

In a first, Army uses Slack-style battlefield software to coordinate field exercises

The ATAK app enables soldiers to mark enemies and send texts—just as their Ukrainian counterparts are doing.


Russia rejects US proposal for negotiations on nuclear arms control

Despite several outreach attempts by Washington, Moscow has made no specific proposals on arms control since January 2022, a senior U.S. official said.


Shark Tank Kyiv? Investors hunt ‘war-winning’ tech in Ukraine

Fund managers say Ukraine is a major opportunity, but also that they must overcome investor concerns over security and corruption.


What the US military can learn from Ukrainian command posts

Two foreign volunteer soldiers described operations centers in frontline Ukraine, from surviving Russian missiles to managing drone feeds.


More than $1 billion in high-tech military aid sent to Ukraine incorrectly tracked, watchdog finds

Poor interagency coordination and a lack of U.S. staff on the ground meant advanced weaponry was not accurately monitored in Defense Department databases.