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Samuel Bendett

Researcher, CNA

Samuel Bendett is an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security and an Adviser at the CNA Corporation.

Russia’s Artificial Intelligence Boom May Not Survive the War

Sanctions and brain drain have had a massive impact on the high-tech economy, and the effects may linger for years.


Where Are Russia’s Drones?

The Ukraine invasion offers scant evidence of the Russian military’s hard-won prowess with unmanned aircraft.


Putin Urges AI Limits — But for Thee, Not Me?

An attempt to parse the two themes sounded by Russian leaders on artificial intelligence.


Putin Takes Another Step in Bid to Control Russia’s Internet

One center of resistance to the Kremlin’s attempt to bring the country’s internet access under central control is being brought to heel.

Science & Tech

Putin Seeks to Plug Gaps in Russia's State-Driven Tech Efforts

His Wednesday speech acknowledged difficulties Russian researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs face, particularly in the realm of finance.


Russia’s ‘Data Localization’ Efforts May Guide Other Governments

Moscow’s efforts to keep data on home soil are of interest to other authoritarian states — and even some liberal democracies.


Russia’s Military Is Writing an Armed-Robot Playbook

The new tactics and operating concepts will draw on three years of Syrian operations.


Russia’s AI Quest is State-Driven — Even More than China’s. Can It Work?

Handicaps: weak private sector, Soviet-style bureaucracy. Helps: Great STEM education — and history.


China, Russia Deepen Technological Ties

With joint dialogues, incubators, and technology parks, Beijing and Moscow are seeking to overcome deficiencies and compete with the United States.

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Russia’s National AI Center Is Taking Shape

A famed technical university is helping to lead the push for public-private AI development.

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Sneak Preview: First Draft of Russia's AI Strategy

The draft, produced by the country's largest bank, focuses on data, training, and ethics. The final version is due next month.

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What Russian Chatbots Think About Us

A Russian experiment with AI-powered chatbots yields surprisingly sophisticated conversations — and a warning.


Putin Drops Hints about Upcoming National AI Strategy

Russian leader calls for “technological sovereignty” and, somewhat surprisingly, for protecting IP and civil rights.

Science & Tech

Moscow to Weave AI Face Recognition into Its Urban Surveillance Net

City authorities say the planned system will have access to all 160,000 existing cameras.


Did Russia Just Concede a Need to Regulate Military AI?

After years of Kremlin efforts to derail international guidelines on militarized artificial intelligence, a national-security leader appeared to signal a new course.


Russia Plans More Arctic UAVs

Moscow’s equivalent of DARPA wants a cold-weather drone that can stay aloft for four days.

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Putin Orders Up a National AI Strategy

The Jan. 15 instruction follows a year of Russian efforts to better unify public and private AI research.

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Russia: Expect a National AI Roadmap by Midyear

Moscow is starting to put financial and logistical muscle behind its efforts to develop artificial intelligence.