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Stefan Soesanto

Stefan Soesanto is a Senior Researcher in the Cyber Defense Team at the Center for Security Studies (CSS) at the ETH Zurich.

When Does a ‘Cyber Attack’ Demand Retaliation? NATO Broadens Its View

A set of “malicious cumulative cyber activities” may now amount to an armed attack.


In Cyberspace, Governments Don’t Know How to Count

NATO’s governments can’t agree on what constitutes a cyber attack, and that’s a big problem.


Do We Need a Space Force? That Depends on Our Answers to These Legal and Strategic Questions

The first question that we need to clarify is whether the U.S. and its future peer adversaries are willing to fight a war in space.


An Alliance Too Far: The Case Against a Cyber NATO

Should such an organization even get off the ground, it would soon fall apart. But there are other paths to take.


Throwing Money at Missile Defense Won’t Fix It

We need a smarter, holistic approach that combines offense and defense.