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Yasmeen Serhan

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Yasmeen Serhan is a London-based staff writer at The Atlantic.

What the World Could Teach America About Policing

Examples abound of reforms that are seen as “radical” in the United States.


Britain’s Options for Its Ambassador: Defend or Dismiss

The U.K. is left with two seemingly impossible choices after President Trump’s assertion that “we will no longer deal with” Sir Kim Darroch.


Allies Try Using D-Day to Remind Trump Who America's Real Friends Are

The U.S. president has expressed affection for authoritarian leaders, so it’s unclear what impression the celebrations will make on him.


The US-UK Alliance Has Seen Better Days

As President Trump arrives in Britain, the two partners are divided on how to deal with Iran, Huawei, and even Brexit.


Why Russia Is Trying to Stop Macedonia From Changing its Name

As Macedonians go to the polls, the results will help determine whether their country becomes the newest member of the EU and NATO.


The Trump-Putin Summit: What the Europeans Fear

A U.S. leader meeting a Russian one is not particularly unusual. The context is.


Cold War Tactics Return to Britain

Spies, intrigue, and expulsions are back in a way not seen in decades.


The Problem of Securing London's Tube

Friday's explosion was not fatal, but it shows how transit networks are especially vulnerable to terrorism.


What Does It Mean for North Korea to Fly a Missile Over Japan?

This latest strike may be Pyongyang’s most provocative test this year.


Is ISIS More Violent During Ramadan?

The group has called for increased attacks during the Islamic holy month.