Israel Needs Help Rebuilding Its Munitions Stockpile

The country’s ongoing campaign against Iran in Syria and Iraq has left it short of arms for a potential wider war.

Why Would Biden Pick Susan Rice?

His ticket doesn’t need another foreign-policy expert — nor another easy Obama-era target.

To Rebuild America’s Weakened Alliances, Heal Its Diplomatic Corps

To guide us through troubled waters, we need a competent, influential, and re-invigorated State Department.

The Coronavirus Is Never Going Away

No matter what happens now, the virus will continue to circulate around the world.

NATO Needs to Focus on the Black Sea

William of Ockham would like a word with those who worry more about a potential Russian invasion of the Baltics than ongoing interventions in the Balkans.

Like NATO, But for Economic Warfare

America’s alliances were built to address a Soviet military threat. The economic bullying that Beijing uses requires a different kind of collective self-defense.

Where the System May Break

A war-game exercise simulating the 2020 election unmasked some key vulnerabilities.

How ISIS Made Money on Facebook

The Islamic State turned the social platform into a global marketplace for looted artifacts—until a group of vigilante archaeologists took matters into their own hands.

Why America Is Afraid of TikTok

The company’s founder says in an interview that he wants it to be “a window” on the world. A Republican senator says it is a “Trojan horse.”

China Has Squandered Its First Great Opportunity

The world has experienced a six-month geopolitical vacuum, and China has filled it poorly.

The Real Problem With 'Politicizing the Military'

The Constitution says nothing of civilian control of the military or its expected political neutrality. How we protect those traditions needs more attention than ever.

Will Trump ‘Wag the Dog’ to Win Reelection?

Americans are worried, but history shows the popular belief is wrong.

Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the New Defense One

An even sleeker look with design upgrades, new features, and improved navigation.

Bill Barr’s Unconstitutional Campaign to Reelect the President

The attorney general is using official violence and intimidation to help Trump win a second term.

Three Urgent Questions for the Air Force’s New Chief of Staff

The service has too long delayed the hard choices that would prepare it to deter China.

We Need a Better China Policy in the Middle East

With allies and direct lines to Beijing, Washington must do more to keep China’s presence in the region from becoming a threat.

There Is Nothing Conservative About What Trump Is Doing in Portland

Unconstitutional police activity is not conservative. It’s authoritarian.