China ‘Colonizes’ Space with Its First Rice Harvest

The cultivation of food in orbit is part of a larger push by the Chinese space program toward a lunar base.

20 Years Later, Terrorism Simmers from Iraq to Afghanistan, Officials Warn

Threats are rising once again, two decades after the American invasion that unleashed them all.

No US-Turkey Rapprochement Is Possible Under Erdogan

The Turkish president has morphed into an opponent of democratic governance.

How a Problem-Solving Course Could Help Rebuild Trust in the US Military

Let’s expand the Hacking 4 Defense program, which already helps hundreds of college students engage fruitfully with national-security problems.

NATO Should Offer Ukraine an Arms Supply Pact

It’s the strongest commitment the alliance can realistically give.

Ukraine’s Cyber Defense Offers Lessons for Taiwan

Washington should work with Taipei to stiffen the island's defenses against network attacks.

Who Else Would Trump and DeSantis Abandon?

If Europeans aren’t worth fighting for, why would anyone think DeSantis or Trump would fight for Taiwan—or even our oldest treaty allies?

Interior Lines Will Make Land Power the Asymmetric Advantage in the Indo-Pacific

The Army is building compact lines of maneuver, communications, and logistics.

Violent Far-Right Movements Aren’t Just a ‘Western Problem’

The focus on jihadist violence has often prevented states from finding and fixing other things that fuel violent extremism in the Global South.

More Is Needed to Deter States That Take American Hostages

Foreign governments are illegally detaining more U.S. citizens than are terror groups.

What to Do in an Increasingly Bipolar World

Invite countries to stand on the side of territorial sovereignty and international law.

In a Changing Security Environment, Defend Your Values

America’s inclusive narrative, and its capacity to learn, remain a beacon for the world.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 118: U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Chris Donahue

The 18th Airborne Corps commander talks about drones, recruiting, the Pacific theater, challenges posed by China, and more.

From Balloons to Nukes, We Must Stop Inflating the China Threat

We are better off talking to Beijing than getting tangled up in a new arms race.