The Energy Crisis Is a National-Security Opportunity

It gives Biden the chance to offer a clear narrative: accelerating the move to clean energy is crucial to keeping America safe.

In Iran Nuclear Talks, the US Has No Good Plan ‘B’

Sanctions haven’t worked. Tehran is drawing closer to a Bomb. It’s time to get serious about negotiating.

Cancel Russia's UN Contracts

Congress should insist that U.S. dollars not fund United Nations procurement from Russian companies.

A Drink for Jakko

Combat forges a special bond between an air controller and his airborne teammates.

A Joint Jump for US-UK Friendship Day

The British Army's Red Devils and the U.S. Army's Golden Knights parachute into Washington, D.C.’s baseball stadium.

NATO Needs to Move Protection of Civilians to Center Stage

The Ukraine war shows why the alliance’s upcoming summit cannot give short shrift to the topic of human security.

NATO Must Ensure Defense and Civilian Industries Work Together

A new innovation accelerator and multinational VC fund should be just the beginning.

China’s ‘Particle Beam Cannon’ Is a Nuclear-Power Breakthrough

It promises to recycle spent nuclear fuel, making it cheaper and less dangerous—and moving Beijing toward energy independence.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 103: Three perspectives on Ukraine's future

We hear from three people whose lives have become bound up with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Why Biden Just Declared Heat Pumps and Solar Panels Essential to National Defense

An environmental engineering professor assesses their place in fighting the climate crisis.

In a Connected Era, We Talk Too Much About Individual Weapons

Instead, budgeteers and lawmakers should weigh “networked force packages” of arms and gear.

Sweden’s NATO Bid Is in Trouble

Domestic politics have elevated a Kurdish parliamentarian, and that worsens Stockholm’s Turkey woes.

Flowers for Joyce

She has all these tools to help. Why doesn't she feel helped?

More Military Education Should Be Like the ‘Strategic Thinkers Program’

PME schools should move beyond a minimal standard toward the demanding education students deserve.