Army aims to cut 32,000 billets over five years, including 3,000 in special operations

Service leaders say they are also planning for other cuts if Congress fails to pass a budget or supplemental funding for aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Top Pentagon IT official departs deputy CIO role

Lily Zeleke will be taking over “new responsibilities” at the agency, though it’s still unknown what her new position is.

Trump's vision for the military: hunting cartels, patrolling US cities, quelling dissent

Here's what the former president and his loyalists have said about how they might use U.S. troops in a second term.

First Ukrainian F-16 pilots will complete training as soon as May

Air National Guard director says the effort is taking a bit longer because pilots need to learn a “full range of missions.”

Section 702 surveillance could be renewed in funding bill, sources say

Backers may point to classified intelligence to convince colleagues to support the renewal of the controversial warrantless spying power.

Trump’s plan to purge federal employees draws fire

The former president's vow to gut civil-service protections at the Pentagon and elsewhere is "all about patronage and loyalty," one senator says.


US may cut info-warfare assets as China, Russia expand influence ops

Key psyops units may get squeezed by a Pentagon effort to trim special-operations forces.

Air Force’s pitch to retirees: Come back! No bonus or promotion, though

Service revives program to plug manning holes. But will anyone take the jobs?

All Pentagon contracts should secure data rights, says advisory board

The Defense Innovation Board would like Congress to "enshrine DOD data access and rights in all vendor agreements.”

Army aims to double 155mm shell production by October

But hitting next year’s goal of 100,000 shells per month will require Congress to approve a Ukraine aid bill.

New Army space plan anticipates 'operator'-level space capabilities, general says

The new Army Space and Missile Defense Command leader also praised the use of Coyote anti-drone interceptors.

Army prep course has graduated 15,000 potential soldiers amid recruiting slump

With less than 30 percent of young Americans eligible for military service, the course aims to boost potential recruits' physical and academic scores.

Inside Space Force's budget priorities and spending patterns

In the past 12 months, the youngest service has awarded contracts worth an estimated $11.9 billion.

Drones, armor lead new efforts by Ukraine’s foreign backers

The Pentagon-led Ukrainian Defense Contact Group seeks to keep Kyiv “ahead of the curve.”


The secret history of the Air Force One shadow fleet

Service officials do not acknowledge the existence of four of the world's most prominent Boeing 757s.