An MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) flies by during a training mission at Creech Air Force Base in 2015.

An MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) flies by during a training mission at Creech Air Force Base in 2015. Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

The Air & Space Brief: Space laser-drone test; New tanker buy; Tourists to ISS; and more...

The Air & Space Brief: Space laser-drone test, Air Force’s new tanker buy, Axiom Space tourism; and more...

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Directing an MQ-9 via space laser: The Space Development Agency is going to test whether it can communicate between low-Earth orbit satellites and MQ-9 Reapers via laser, agency head Derek Tournear tells Patrick Tucker in an exclusive interview set to stream Tuesday at the Defense One Tech Summit. 

Bridge tankers: The KC-46 is still not ready to go, and the Air Force needs to retire older KC-135 and KC-10 refuelers. So last week it announced it is seeking proposals for a “bridge tanker” that must be operational by 2029. The new contract could at last allow Airbus to enter America’s strategic tanker market, Marcus Weisgerber reports.  

Paid customers to ISS: NASA announced last week that Axiom Space will launch three paying customers to the International Space Station in late 2022 aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon. The private astronauts will be accompanied by former NASA astronaut Michael López-Alegría. (Via Space News.)

SpaceX Mars Starship is preparing for another Texas test launch of its rocket, possibly in July, reported. Defense One correspondent Tara Copp visited the South Texas launch site last week and notes that the firm is starting to face pushback from the local community and state on road closures and environmental impact. 

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