What role should industry play in military space operations? The Space Force is working on a strategy for that.

The service will release a plan for how to integrate commercial satellite services by the end of the year.

Hamas attack shows space-based sensing can’t see everything

A new Pentagon constellation will close some gaps, but the need for “old-school” human intelligence will remain.

Space Force hunts for mature technology in 'Hyperspace Challenge’ program

Expanding its reach from startups to established players, this year's event seeks satellites that are more autonomous, maneuverable, and safer from debris.

HASC chair: Space Command's temporary office is insecure. Officials: untrue

After White House scuttles move to Alabama, Rep. Rogers vows to keep SPACECOM from building a permanent HQ in Colorado.

Space Force contracts for new ‘zero-trust’ data protection

It’s hard to upgrade infrastructure, especially if it's related to space.

Space Force’s speedy launch record clears way for bigger launches—faster

The “Victus Nox” mission is part of the service’s “tactically responsive space” effort to respond quickly to in-orbit threats.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 133: Unpacking the 2023 Air, Space & Cyber conference

In this episode, we review several things we learned at the Air & Space Forces Association's biggest annual event.

Air Force looks to move spy-plane sensors to satellites

Among the draws: space-based gear can often be built and launched faster than aircraft can be modified.

Space Force needs more cyber operators for weapons, chief says

Protecting them is a primary concern for Space Operations Command, says its vice commander.

China’s new satellites extend its military reach, US says

Rapid buildup “allows them to see much further with greater precision at day and at night and through all weather,” Space Force intel chief says.

SDA readies second batch of satellites for its space data network

The Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture was designed to be the “space backbone” for JADC2.

US offers rare preview of upcoming spy-satellite launch

Officials talked about Tuesday’s launch of NROL-107 in a bid to “deter the adversary.”

US issues threat warning after hackers break into a satellite

Three teams at the DEF CON 23 convention met a government challenge to hack satellite in orbit.