Air Force

The State of the Air Force 2024

A strategic reorientation is unfolding against changes in the conduct of air warfare.

How to fix the military’s software SNAFU

Too many of its apps are built on code riddled with vulnerabilities—and distributed by the Pentagon itself.

Air Mobility commander pushes for connectivity for outdated mobility fleet

Minihan said he wishes his planes were better able to communicate as the command delivers aid to Gaza.

Sentinel flight test delayed more than 2 years

The ICBM program is facing a massive cost overrun and program delays.

New Air Force combat wings could deploy in 2 years

The service recently announced a major shakeup to prep for war with China.

Air Force’s wishlist includes money for parts and readiness

The $3.5 billion “unfunded priorities” list also includes money for exercises and military construction projects.

House passes $825B defense bill, racing the clock to avoid shutdown

Bill includes new money for ships, planes, ground combat vehicles, and AI.