Air Force

Pentagon grounds all Ospreys, one week after deadly crash

Investigators suspect a “potential materiel failure” may have caused the Nov. 29 mishap off Japan.

Lawsuit could further delay F-35 deliveries

Lockheed is suing a key supplier of titanium structural parts.

Humans must be accountable for AI in war, Air Force secretary says

"You don't enforce laws against machines; you enforce them against people," Kendall told a Reagan Forum audience.

Hundreds of promotions approved after Tuberville drops hold

Senate swiftly approves 425 officers’ advancement, but 11 four-star jobs remain in limbo.

Does the US have what it takes to keep its nuclear edge?

A congressional panel highlights its concerns about infrastructure, the industrial base, keeping up with Russia, and staying ahead of China.

Pentagon to give Pratt & Whitney sole-source F-35 engine upgrade work

Company declares itself on track to deliver preliminary design for January review.

L3Harris eyes 2025 for F-16 EW production

Viper Shield will enable international customers to detect more than one enemy.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 139: What we learned from a Middle Eastern airshow

We take a look at how officials around the region are carrying on with business as usual despite Israel's war with Hamas.