Air Force

US Air Force, Space Force: Here Is Your New Arctic Strategy

America’s most active services in the region have a four-part plan to support the National Defense Strategy.

US May Need to Nationalize Military Aircraft Industry, USAF Says

That’s unless the Air Force can find a way to keep both competition and the few remaining U.S. plane-makers alive, the service’s acquisition chief said.

We Don’t Have Enough Cash to Build New Nuclear Weapons, Says Air Force Chief

Nukes or conventional weapons, “the current budget does not allow you to do both,” says Gen. Dave Goldfein, suggesting Congress create a separate account.

Airpower Gets a Big Boost in the Senate’s Authorization Bill

Air Force leaders won’t be entirely happy with it, but the country should be.

How COVID-19 Kicked a USAF Software Team Into High Gear

The programming group that makes tools for the Air Force's developers is now posting about 10 upgrades per day.

Air Force Leaders Fret As Another Satellite Maker Declares Bankruptcy

Service leaders are asking for Congressional help in shoring up the defense industrial base.

The GAO Is Wrong about the Air Force’s Next-Gen Battle-Management System

The ABMS needs to evolve quickly, not conform to industrial-age requirements and schedules.

Prospective Navy Secretary Vows to 'Restore the Appropriate Culture'

Kenneth Braithwaite answered pointed questions from senators, but he and fellow nominees from DoD and the Air Force appear set for confirmation.

Boeing Defense to Surpass Commercial Side For First Time In More Than a Decade

But that’s no cakewalk as new Air Force One and KC-46 tanker eat into the company’s cash.

The Flying Car Of the Future Looks to Flying Cars of the Past

The Air Force is close to testing an experimental vertical takeoff prototype under its new program.

What’s Wrong With the Air Force’s ‘Connect Everything’ Project

In a new report, GAO watchdogs say officials can’t say how much it costs or if it’ll even work

The Owner’s Manual for Trump’s New Air Force One Cost $84 Million

The Air Force quietly announced that Boeing’s manuals for Trump’s new $5.3 billion presidential jets are a bit pricier than your average automobile-repair guides.

The Air Force and Navy Are Testing This App to Stay Fit Amid Social Distancing

A biometric data app is helping the services monitor the health of sailors and airmen stuck at home.

Pentagon Delays Budget Deadline to Help Staff Work from Home

Service officials had complained that a June 1 deadline was preventing them from implementing coronavirus-related social-distancing guidelines.