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Tara Copp

Senior Pentagon Reporter, Defense One

Tara Copp
Tara Copp is senior Pentagon correspondent for Defense One. Copp has reported through the Middle East, Asia and Europe to cover defense policy and its impact on the lives of service members. Her investigative reporting on military aviation accidents and on skyrocketing veteran cancer rates drove Congressional hearings and legislation. Before returning to journalism, she worked as a senior defense analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office, focused on readiness and military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. She is a Plan II graduate of the University of Texas and earned her masters in Security Studies at Georgetown University.

Austin, Milley Push Back on Lawmakers’ ‘Critical Race Theory’ Accusations

Republicans ask why West Point cadets learn about ‘White Rage,’ in pointed exchanges with nation’s first Black defense secretary.


Austin: I Support Taking Military Sex Crime Prosecutions Away From Chain of Command

Defense secretary breaks with Joint Chiefs after they warn that Sen. Gillibrand’s leading UCMJ reform bill goes too far.

Science & Tech

‘This May Not Be The Big One’: Army Scientists Warn of Deadlier Pandemics to Come

The service is closing in on a “pan-coronavirus” vaccine and on synthetic antibodies that could protect a population before spread. But that may not be enough.


If China Is the No. 1 Threat, Why Doesn’t the 2022 Budget Reflect It?

The Middle East will continue to demand resources even as troops withdraw from Afghanistan.


For Now, ‘Over the Horizon’ Protection for Afghanistan Will Fly From Existing Hubs, Acting Air Force Secretary Says

Service wants $10 billion for South Asia and Middle East operations as Pentagon develops long-term plan for Afghanistan support.


US Could Close Kabul Embassy If Future Afghanistan Government Includes Taliban, Top General Says

CENTCOM's Gen. McKenzie says U.S. military will still be able to help interpreters and other Afghan helpers after departure.

Science & Tech

Can Rockets Deliver Supplies to War Zones? Space Force, Air Force Aim to Find Out

A research lab will see whether reusable boosters can deliver up to a C-17s’ worth of cargo to terrestrial destinations.

Exclusive Policy

Space Force Seeks $831.7M for Unfunded Priorities

Projects left out of 2022 budget would boost Cheyenne Mountain security, space-based cryptology.

Breaking News Threats

Austin Asks Top General For ‘Options’ to Evacuate Afghans

Operation would need authorization from White House, which is not yet “actively pursuing” the idea.


US Air Force Details Proposed Cuts to Planes, Flying Hours

2022 budget request would retire scores of fighters and tankers and cut thousands of flying hours to fund modernization.


US Planning to Evacuate Afghan Interpreters, Top US General Says

“There are plans being developed very, very rapidly here,” said Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.


Peace with Russia, China ‘Fraying at the Edge,’ Milley Tells Graduating Cadets

New Air Force officers should work “to set the conditions for a future that prevents great power war,” Joint Chiefs chairman says.


US Air Force Will Cut Turkey from F-35 Production, Kendall Says

The service secretary nominee also signals he’s not in favor of reducing U.S. F-35 purchases.