Defense One Radio, Ep. 140: The future of defense acquisition

The Army's top buyer and the Pentagon's integration chief talk Ukraine, non-traditional suppliers, and more.

How the war in Ukraine is reshaping US Army modernization

The rapid evolution of electronic warfare and drone tactics have the service tweaking its acquisition plans.

The inside story of how the Navy spent billions on the 'Little Crappy Ship'

Littoral combat ships were supposed to launch the Navy into the future. Instead, they broke down across the globe. Now the service is getting rid of them.

We got all six defense-industry stakeholders in a room. Now what?

A unique forum reveals rifts—and potential ways forward—in the quest to improve defense innovation.

How innovation cells in Army combat units are harnessing soldiers’ ideas

Four divisions are turning projects around in record time, from leashed drones to mold trackers.

What a counter-drone truck says about US aid to Ukraine

Many programs are moving quickly—but there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Don’t Kill CAPE

The storied Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation office is invaluable to the Pentagon. Three former directors explain why. 

GE Joins Lockheed in Lobbying for New Tanker Competition

Coalition turns up heat three months after USAF said they’d probably just buy Boeing.

The Army Is Tearing Up Its Playbook for Software Upgrades

Four programs are trying out a new method based on commercial practices.

DOD Managers Need a New Approach. SOCOM Can Lead the Way

The Pentagon's McNamara-era philosophy is woefully insufficient to a world that changes daily. U.S. Special Operations Command is working to craft a better one.

Navy, Shipyards Settle Dispute that Delayed Submarine Orders

It’s unclear how the sides came to agreement, or just how late the two Virginia-class subs will eventually arrive.

Want More Pentagon Innovation? Try This Experiment

A former Defense Secretary and Air Force Secretary propose more budgetary flexibility and a new approach to program management.

Let Me Start Weapons R&D Faster, Air Force Secretary Asks Congress

Frank Kendall wants freedom from rules that require lawmakers’ approval to get anti-China weapons off the ground.

The Army Is Putting All Its Network Efforts Under One Roof

By October, Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical is expected to absorb network portfolios from its sister PEO for enterprise services.

Air Force Slashes ‘Bridge Tanker’ Buy, Sets Deadline for Clean-Sheet Aerial Refueler

Stealthy new tanker jet should arrive in the 2030s, service’s top weapons buyer says.

Tougher Cybersecurity Rules May Be More than a Year Away—But Don’t Wait to Get Ready

Contractors should prepare for independent checks on their data systems, and maybe more reporting requirements as well.