For Now, ‘Over the Horizon’ Protection for Afghanistan Will Fly From Existing Hubs, Acting Air Force Secretary Says

Service wants $10 billion for South Asia and Middle East operations as Pentagon develops long-term plan for Afghanistan support.

US Could Close Kabul Embassy If Future Afghanistan Government Includes Taliban, Top General Says

CENTCOM's Gen. McKenzie says U.S. military will still be able to help interpreters and other Afghan helpers after departure.

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Austin Asks Top General For ‘Options’ to Evacuate Afghans

Operation would need authorization from White House, which is not yet “actively pursuing” the idea.

Afghanistan, Iraq Drawdowns Cut $3.2B From US Army Costs, Officials Say

2022 spending request would shrink service budget by a total of $3.6 billion.

Don’t Just End the War in Afghanistan, Repeal the Resolution That Authorized It

No current threat remotely justifies roving presidential authority to wage war on multiple continents.

US Planning to Evacuate Afghan Interpreters, Top US General Says

“There are plans being developed very, very rapidly here,” said Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.

‘Guam or Bust’: America’s Helpers May Need a Halfway Destination as Afghanistan Pullout Nears

Lawmakers want more visas for interpreters and their families, but time is running out for anything but a hasty evacuation.

Time Crunch for Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Producing a Big Trash Pile

One senator objects to the way troops are destroying equipment they don’t have time to sort. But there are reasons for it.

Lawmakers Scold Pentagon for Leaving Afghanistan Without ‘Over-the-Horizon’ Plan

“Why would we leave Bagram when we don’t have an alternative closer than UAE?” said the Armed Services Committee’s top Republican.

Ten Years After Bin Laden, We Still Need Better Intelligence Sharing

Leaders should still apply the lessons we learned, when contending with China and Russia.

Teamwork Led Us to Bin Laden and Can Keep America Safe

As we look back on the Osama bin Laden raid of a decade ago, three lessons stand out.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 81: The future of Afghanistan

Ben Watson talks with Greg, a Green Beret medic who served in Afghanistan, and with Long War Journal's Bill Roggio.