Declassified Report Details Afghan Air Force Reliance on Contractors

Watchdog warned that without help, the Afghan Air Force would collapse.

Private Group Keeps Afghanistan Evacuations Flying Despite Ground Halt

Group leader: “There are Americans saying, ‘Help me, help me, help me.’ And the State Department is saying, ‘Fill out your form in triplicate.’”

2021 Top Ten: Army

The Army took strides in its version of the Pentagon's connect-everything plan. But leaders said more changes are ahead.

2021 Top Ten: Air Force

The emergency evacuation from Kabul, unprecedented in scope and speed, was the operational highlight of the year.

2021 Top Ten: Marine Corps

Plenty of changes are coming to the Corps as its commandant seeks nimbler units and a modern approach to recruiting and retention.

Three Soldiers to Receive Medal of Honor

The awards are for actions during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Inside the Data-Driven Operation that Moved Afghan Refugees from Dulles to Safe Havens

The main challenge was reconciling and processing disconnected, stove-piped, unavailable, or incorrect data.

Senators Have More Than 900 Ideas To Fix America’s Security

The proposed amendments to the NDAA include ideas on Afghanistan, China and extremism in the ranks.

The Taliban is No ‘Partner,’ Says Top US Special Ops Commander

After withdrawing, the US must rely on other Afghans and foreign governments for intelligence to track and target ISIS-K.

Poll: Veterans Say US Left Afghanistan Without Honor, and They Want to Talk About It

70 percent of Americans surveyed said they have “never” or “rarely” talked to a veteran about the war.

Thousands of Afghan Refugees Await Rescue. Here’s What the US Needs to Do

Various policy changes are needed to alleviate national-security and moral harms.

Adding India to the Five Eyes Would Cause a New Cold War, Pakistani Official Says

Proposal in the U.S. Senate draws harsh words as Islamabad works up a new anti-terrorist effort.

Why the World Should Help Afghanistan

Taliban leaders have condemned Afghanistan to a perpetual humanitarian crisis with global consequences. Here’s what must be done.

Terror Groups in Afghanistan Could Attack US Next Year, Pentagon Policy Chief Says

Kahl says ISIS-K might be able to strike in less than 12 months; AQ in one to two years.

Taliban Could Lose Power Amid Governance Struggles, Experts Say

The Afghan people could rise up if food shortages, access to medical care and unemployment worsen without international help.

Almost Hijacked? Officials Dispute Scare Amid Ongoing Afghanistan Evac

While the chaos at HKIA is over, the effort to evacuate Afghans is not. Here’s how the U.S. is still getting people out.