Air Force

Air Force-Backed Startup Reveals Hypersonic Aircraft Prototype

The company fired the drone’s afterburning engine during a ceremony in Atlanta.

Air Force Will Miss Its COVID Vaccination Deadline by a Few Percent

The service’s Nov. 2 goal is nearly a month earlier than those of its sister services.

Pentagon AI Chief Responds to USAF Software Leader Who Quit in Frustration

Lt. Gen. Groen concedes culture must change, but says faster development is already on the way.


Cancers Strike US Fighter Pilots, Crews at Higher Rates, Air Force Finds

Nearly 30% higher likelihood of testicular cancer and roughly 25% for skin and prostate cancer, according to the military’s most comprehensive study yet.

‘You Are Hereby Reprimanded!’ Airman Told to Begin Separation Due to Vaccine Refusal

Airmen, sailors who refuse vaccine are looking at career-ending consequences. Will the church step in?

Almost Hijacked? Officials Dispute Scare Amid Ongoing Afghanistan Evac

While the chaos at HKIA is over, the effort to evacuate Afghans is not. Here’s how the U.S. is still getting people out.

Active-Duty Suicide Rate Hit Record High in 2020

The rate among soldiers was nearly double that of sailors, DOD’s annual suicide report found.