Air Force

How GAO told the Air Force to redo $12B systems integration contract

The dispute over a Sentinel program integration support contract intensifies as BAE Systems and Guidehouse battle for the award, further adding to the Air Force's nuclear missile modernization woes.

Air Force fires head of Sentinel ICBM program

Spokesman says Col. Charles Clegg's removal "is not directly related" to the program's ballooning costs.

The price of each B-21 bomber is likely going up

The Air Force has agreed to a higher cost ceiling after Northrop took a loss on fixed-price lots.

Two startups join forces to make self-flying tankers, dogfighting AI, and more

Merlin Labs, which aims to test an AI-powered KC-135 within a year, is to buy F-16 AI driver EpiSci.

What will happen to the Air Force’s next-gen fighter jet?

The service may be waffling on NGAD because it’s dealing with a “truly miserable choice,” one analyst said.

It’s not too late to cancel the Pentagon’s next ICBM

Axing Sentinel would save hundreds of billions of dollars—and make America safer.

Is NGAD slipping off the table? Air Force chief declines to confirm plans to build next-gen fighter

“We're going to have to make those choices” in the next few years, Gen. Allvin says at an AFA event.