Air Force

The Air Force needs more in-house coders

Andrew Hunter, the service’s lead buyer, said adding experts on staff would make the government a better software customer.

House authorizers: cut F-35 purchases to fix problems

Their version of the defense policy bill would reduce the Pentagon’s 2025 purchase by 10 jets.

B-2 that caught fire in 2022 won’t be fixed, Air Force confirms

That will leave just 19 of the stealth bombers, according to the service’s new force-structure plan.

'Swarm pilots' will need new tactics—and entirely new training methods: Air Force special-ops chief

AFSOC will expand on groundbreaking experiments this summer, Lt. Gen. Bauernfeind says in interview.

AI-powered F-16 impresses ride-along SECAF in dogfight

Air Force will deploy armed, automated aircraft around 2030, Kendall says.

Hurricane Hunters are chasing more storms—and say they need more aircraft to do it

The reserve squadron is “spread thin” as it prepares for another busy hurricane season.