Air Force

Air Force Working Closely with New-Jet Designers, Secretary Says

Service engineers are “living in the same design space” as the two companies doing NGAD development, Frank Kendall said.

F-16s Would Make No ‘Fundamental Change’ in Ukraine’s War Effort, USAF Secretary Says

Biden’s decision to start training Ukrainian pilots on the jet is more about setting up Kyiv’s long-term capabilities, Kendall said.

B-2s to Return to Flight after Five Months

Air Force officials still won’t say why one of the stealthy bombers was forced to land in December.

USAF Opens Bidding to Build Its 1st New Fighter in Decades

An engineering and manufacturing development contract is to be awarded in 2024 for the secretive Next Generation Air Dominance aircraft.

USAF Sees '100 Roles' for Its Robot Wingmen—and Firms Are Lining Up to Make Them

Air Force procurement chief offers the most detailed description yet of the collaborative combat aircraft program.

Will SecAF’s Budget-Flexibility Proposal Die on the Hill?

Frank Kendall wants Congress to allow service secretaries to launch new efforts as threats arise, not when budget season rolls around.


How Special Operations Forces Must Meet the Challenges of a New Era

To the commander of U.S. SOCOM, what matters most is whether we solve the problem our nation needs solved.

Air Force Is Working on Rules for Using ChatGPT

The service's CIO also wants to encourage exploration of the "incredibly powerful capability" of generative artificial intelligence tools.

Where’d the Money Go? Lawmakers Press Air Force on Planned Radar Plane

Congress approved $200 million last year to get the first E-7s faster. That’s not happening.

Pentagon Network Chiefs Are Putting Automation to Work

Tireless cyber tools can patrol parts of DOD’s networks, tools, and applications where hackers like to hide.

Air Force’s Next-Gen ICBM Program Could Face Delays, Kendall Says

Though the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent is on track at the moment, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall isn’t sure it will stay there.

A-10s Return to Middle East with a New Mission, and a New Weapon

Tensions with Iran, Russia have CENTCOM calling upon the venerable Warthog once again.