CENTCOM’s Got a New Mission. It Needs More Support.

Ending free-ridership and promoting regional security cooperation requires policy coherence from Washington.

Some Russian Forces Appear to Be Fleeing Ukraine, Pentagon Says

An inability to avoid certain strategic errors has eroded Russia’s hold on eastern Ukraine, officials said.

US Adds $675M in Arms, $2B in Financial Aid for Ukraine, Region

As well, the Defense Contact Group met in Germany to discuss how to support Ukraine over the “long haul,” the Defense Secretary said.

US Should Place Multiyear Munitions Orders to Protect Supply, Pentagon Arms Chief Says

Meanwhile, service officials are working with Pentagon leaders on 18-month plans to supply Ukraine.

The US Remains the Exception on Land Mines

Biden has restored the near-global ban on these militarily ineffective weapons, but enshrined their continued use in South Korea.

What the West Has Given Is Not Enough to Win, Ukraine Says

Central and Eastern European defense ministers say limited arms packages will not defeat Russia in the Donbas or deter invasion elsewhere.

US to Send Ukraine Advanced Rockets; Kyiv Promises Not to Fire Into Russia

The fourth large arms package announced by the administration includes HIMARS for defensive use only, as Biden eyes “negotiating table.”

US Mulls Larger Permanent Force in Europe, Sends More Missiles to Ukraine

U.S., NATO will take "hard look" at European security footprint no matter how the Ukrainian fight goes, U.S. official says.

Former Air Force Weapons Chief Tapped as Pentagon’s Lead Arms Buyer

Bill LaPlante has spent the past six years working on military-related tech.

Head of Pentagon Foreign Arms Sales Division Stepping Down After 15 Months on the Job

Heidi Grant was the first civilian to lead the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

Taiwan Wants Paladins. Congress Should Say No

Taipei’s only hope for an effective defense is not armor but asymmetry.

No F-35s for UAE, Please

The sale is likely to deepen existing conflicts and further enmesh the U.S. in the region.

Tie US Arms Exports to Values, Pentagon Policy Chief Nominee Says

Colin Kahl says sales to Saudi Arabia may change under Biden administration.

Want to Shed Older Weapons? You Need a Solid Plan

To overcome Congressional resistance, the Pentagon needs to work with combatant commanders and industry to ensure that new systems will be ready to take the place of existing ones.

Raytheon Expects Biden to Block $500M Bomb Sale to Saudi Arabia

Yet industry executives believe foreign arms sales will remain a priority of the new administration.