Biden Goes After China’s Cyber Attackers

U.S. and allies blame China’s government, announce new measures to fight a massive cyber criminal ring akin to Russia’s, but threaten no sanctions yet.

China’s Space Program Is More Military Than You Might Think

Proposals for U.S.-Chinese cooperation must proceed carefully.

A US-German ‘Window of Opportunity’ Is Closing, Experts Warn

If Biden is to persuade Germany — and NATO's European allies — to take a more aggressive stance toward China, he may have to do it before Angela Merkel steps down.

Sullivan: Data Privacy Key To AI Race Against China

New privacy-protecting technologies will enable democracies to work together to win the AI race against China, says Biden’s national security advisor.

Congress Has a Role Against China, Too

Lawmakers’ bipartisan momentum against the CCP is a good start. Here are three ideas for the way forward.

Another Free-Falling Chinese Rocket Body Hit Earth Last Week

China continues to burn all the fuel in its launches, allowing the used-up rockets to fall back to Earth uncontrolled.

China’s Aggressive Data Push Worries Military Intel Officials

The AI future runs on data and the Chinese government is out for all it can get.

The US Military Should Return to Vietnam

Recent conditions—and China’s provocative actions—have set the stage for a new relationship.

How the Afghanistan Withdrawal Costs the U.S. With China

The benefits of the withdrawal in terms of promoting competitiveness with China aren’t as compelling as they seem.