New Air Force combat wings could deploy in 2 years

The service recently announced a major shakeup to prep for war with China.

Marines trade slow ships for drones and supply caches as they prep for modern warfare

Fulfilling sweeping modernization plans are “challenging,” but there's been progress with prepositioned stocks and drones.

How to keep China out of the Pentagon’s weapons

The U.S. military should take a page from the cybersecurity playbook.

UN adopts resolution to keep AI 'safe, secure and trustworthy'

The U.S.-led effort garnered the support of more than 120 countries—including China.

Russia's lies helped persuade Niger to eject US troops, AFRICOM says

The U.S. needs to beef up its own counter-disinformation efforts, Gen. Langley tells lawmakers.

Houthis granting China, Russia safe passage in Red Sea, CENTCOM says

The group is armed by Iran using the revenues from Beijing’s veiled oil purchases.

Use 'hedge forces' to break the Pentagon's force-structure death spiral

The U.S. military must move away from exquisite general-purpose units and weapons.

New Arctic strategy? Good. Now do one for the Antarctic

China and Russia aren’t limiting their adventurism to the northern polar region.

Does TikTok need a new parent company? Senator mulls implications

The White House is pushing the Senate to pass a TikTok ban bill that swept through the House last week.

China’s moon plans worry Space Force

New orbits could open “potential attack vectors” on US satellites, general says.

Authoritarians are playing to win. America can’t if we don’t show up.

Two retired four-stars lay out the case for the National Security Emergency Package currently being considered in the House.

State Department wants reliable news, internet connectivity in the Pacific

U.S. is funding journalism fellowships and undersea cable access in the region.

China’s nascent railgun is just the tip of its shipboard R&D

Meet the lab working to equip PLAN warships with vast amounts of electrical power.