Was the Pentagon’s Blacklist of Chinese Companies Justified?

An independent study of the list found China uses its favored companies to wipe out competition and spread economic influence.

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There’s a Bigger Threat Than Big Tech. It’s Big China

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Justice Official Explains Why Law Enforcement is Worried about 5G

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Trump Eases Restrictions On Armed Drone Sales Abroad

US says changes needed to compete with China, but critics say it may only alienate allies.

With Cold War Language, Pompeo Defines Trump’s Plan for ‘Totalitarian’ China

In the fourth major China policy speech by administration leaders in the past month, Pompeo says the US can’t go back to the era of engagement.

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Trump’s All-Stick, No-Carrot Approach Has Brought Two US Adversaries Together

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No Orders To Reduce Troops in South Korea Yet, Esper Says

With traditional U.S. deployments still under review, the defense secretary announced he hopes to visit China by year’s end.

The US Is Out of Position in the Indo-Pacific Region

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There’s a growing bipartisan appetite to block and ban China from buying U.S. tech. But actually enforcing blockades requires work.

FBI Opens a China-Related Counterintelligence Investigation Every 10 Hours

FBI Director Chris Wray says China is increasing its illegal activity to subvert the U.S. during the pandemic.