Defense One Radio, Ep. 154: Behind the rise in global defense spending, Part 3: The wider world

In the final episode in a three-part series, we revisit the guns-vs.-butter debate and take another look at the consequences of Washington's "porcupine" strategy for Taiwan's defense.

Defense Systems

Made in the USA: Defense companies tense as Congress pressures them to buy domestic

A draft version of the 2025 defense authorization act has several provisions targeting China-made critical materials.


House authorizers: cut F-35 purchases to fix problems

Their version of the defense policy bill would reduce the Pentagon’s 2025 purchase by 10 jets.


An Army drone branch? Idea advances in House subcommittee

Tactical and Land Forces panel’s NDAA proposal would also fund 3 “unfunded priorities.”


Russian space nuke could render low-Earth orbit unusable for a year, US official says

Pentagon’s space-policy leader noted with concern Moscow’s recent veto of a UN resolution against putting nuclear weapons in space.


Air Force declares major cost breach for new helicopter program

The service wants to halve its buy of the helicopter, which is driving up per-unit costs.


Prepositioned stocks will get new aid to Ukraine quickly, top US officer says

Aircraft are likely “already flying” material toward the beleaguered country, senior official says.


How will Ukraine spend its new US aid?

It’s a fraught question amid Russian gains, uncertain long-term U.S. support, and Kyiv’s eventual need to end the war.


Controversial surveillance program gets 2-year extension

Biden signed a law that extends Section 702 authorities into 2026—and lacks proposed limits on intelligence agencies' right to gather and search Americans' communications.


House passes long-awaited aid for Ukraine, Israel, Indo-Pacific

Two months after the Senate acted, the lower house responds to an increasingly desperate Kyiv.