The Disinformation Business is Booming

Other nations can learn from South Korea, which has been on the forefront of online disinfo.

New White House Cyber Director Wants to Fight Like Cobra Kai

Chris Inglis says the government needs to hit would-be attackers where it hurts.

It’s Not About Submarines. It’s about Software

Important as AUKUS submarines are in the military balance, the new way of deterrence will be about the strength, speed, and resilience of software.

Russian Corruption Makes It Harder to Crack Down on Ransomware

Hackers who learned skills in government service are branching out “for their own personal enrichment,” Pentagon cyber leader says.

The US Should Have Invited Russia to Join Its Counter-Ransomware Initiative

The Biden administration recently hosted a ransomware summit which excluded the Russian government. The United States should have done more to involve Russia in ransomware negotiations.

AUSA Conference Wire: Connect Everything

New: a weapons-testing lab just for networking. Coming up: a wargame featuring a battalion of unmanned vehicles.

NSA Cyber Chief Spells Out Near-Term Priorities

Ransomware is a top concern, but the agency is also looking ahead to defending networked weapons and post-quantum encryption.

AFA Conference Wire: China Warnings and B-21 Numbers

News and notes from the 2021 Air Force Association's Air, Space & Cyber conference.

How Equipment Left In Afghanistan Will Expose US Secrets

Even rendered inoperable, equipment now in the hands of the Taliban will yield troves of information about how the U.S. builds weapons and uses them.

US Air Force’s First Software Chief Steps Down

Nicolas Chaillan, who led a Pentagon-wide DevSecOps effort, said he was leaving in part because of a lack of support from senior leaders.

The Curious Omission in Russia’s New Security Strategy

It doesn’t mention “cyber”—and that tells us a few things.

The Pentagon Needs a Strategy That Does Not Hinge on Fragile Networks

A failed wargame should make us think twice about “connect-everything” plans.

Report: China Is Hacking Russia, Too

Moscow may be just “waking up” to the fact that their new partner sees them as a target.

How the Energy Department Can Improve Industry Cybersecurity

Practical steps include educating direct actors like electricians or IT professionals on basic cybersecurity priorities, concerns, and best practices.

The US Needs a Department of Cybersecurity

As the saying goes, when everyone is in charge, no one is in charge.

NSA to National Security Employees: Avoid Working on Public Wi-Fi

The agency offered best practices for remote work using wireless technologies. 

The Most Targeted Vulnerability of the Year Was First Identified in 2017

In a joint advisory, international cybersecurity officials say failure to patch years-old vulnerabilities makes attributing cyberattacks more difficult.