New NSA Effort Aims to Help Smaller Defense Firms Ward Off Malware

A pilot program allows select firms to get third-party help in securing their websites.

COVID-19 Is Forcing Hard Cybersecurity Choices

Pandemic relief spending will likely prevent the implementation of most of the Cybersecurity Solarium Commission’s recommendations. Here’s how to prioritize them.

Estonia Already Lives Online. Why Can’t the United States?

Using secure identification, people there can bank, apply for government assistance, file for sick leave, order prescriptions, and get medical care—all online.

How COVID-19 Kicked a USAF Software Team Into High Gear

The programming group that makes tools for the Air Force's developers is now posting about 10 upgrades per day.

Zoom or Not? NSA Offers Guidance for Choosing a Videochat App

The crypto agency has a list of questions for federal employees and contractors to ask as they choose a collaboration tool.

Pentagon Isn't Following the Cyber Steps It Asks from Suppliers, GAO Says

The Defense Department has yet to fully implement multiple initiatives to track and improve cyber defenses.

Putin Takes Another Step in Bid to Control Russia’s Internet

One center of resistance to the Kremlin’s attempt to bring the country’s internet access under central control is being brought to heel.

The Pentagon Is Using Zoom. Is it Safe?

Experts say the ubiquitous videoconferencing tools bear some risk of accidentally exposing mundane details, and even inviting a new wave of deep fakes. But the risks can be managed.

White House Releases National Strategy for 5G Security

The strategy focuses on four lines of effort and will guide how the government approaches 5G for the near future.

Russia Pushing Coronavirus Lies As Part of Anti-NATO Influence Ops in Europe

The pandemic has provided the Kremlin with an ample opportunity to target nervous populations with fake news.

Chinese Hackers Attacked Foreign Health Care, Military, Oil Networks as Coronavirus Hit China

In January, the ‘widespread’ assault targeted a vulnerability in virtual desktops, cloud computing, and network applications, FireEye announced.

Pentagon Will Allow Companies to Rebid for JEDI Contract

Defense procurement officials have asked a federal judge for a 120-day remand to “reconsider its evaluation” of the up-to-$10 billion cloud contract.

More Industry Regulations Are Needed to Improve US Cybersecurity, Congressional Report Says

New mandates should increase companies’ network monitoring and allow them to share data with a new government bureau, the Cyberspace Solarium Commission wrote.

Key Defense Supplier Hit by Ransomware

The hackers also allegedly stole sensitive documents from Visser Precision, which makes parts for Lockheed, Boeing, and SpaceX.

The West Can’t Even Agree on Itself, Much Less China

At the Munich Security Conference, allies argued with each other as much as their adversaries, rejecting Trump administration views on issue after issue.

DISA Data Breach Affected 200,000 People, Officials Confirm

Defense officials provided few details but said the affected systems have since been secured.

Expect 75 Recommendations to Improve Security, Plus Proposed Laws, from Congress' Cyber Commission

Rep. Jim Langevin says he and his fellow commissioners will propose streamlining Congressional oversight, incident reporting by industry, and more.