Cyber Force? Report argues for new armed service

The study, which involved interviews with active-duty and retired U.S. military officers, calls for an independent Cyber Force with 10,000 people.

How to keep China out of the Pentagon’s weapons

The U.S. military should take a page from the cybersecurity playbook.

Preparing for electronic warfare is the Army’s top cyber priority in 2024

Troops could have a backpack capability in the next six months—as long as Congress passes a budget.

Government was third-largest ransomware target last year: FBI

And scams that feature impostors posing as government officials are on the rise.

Pentagon adds 'living inspection' to its cyber defenses

New assessment process adds automation, flexibility to threat detection, leaders say.

Biden to sign executive order boosting cybersecurity of ports, maritime vessels

The order empowers the Coast Guard to shore up cyber protections for maritime systems and harden current cyber incident reporting rules.

Navy leaders want more code-loving sailors at sea

One wants to take ad hoc data science efforts and fold them into a formal training cycle.

No phishing: Navy uses automation, data analytics to protect seagoing networks

10th Fleet is also working to help ships’ cyber defenders reach back to experts on land.

The Navy is building dashboards for its connect-everything effort

A conversation with Rebellion Defense about its new contract for Project Overmatch.

Expect China to attack US infrastructure within 3 years, MITRE CTO says

The US needs to figure out how to disconnect its industrial-control systems from its networks—and fast, says a top leader of the defense R&D not-for-profit.

The Pentagon may need machines to help stop insider threats

Humans can’t always pick up on the nuances of network behavior so there’s a need for secure, automated tools that can.