DOD sharply restricts use of geolocation devices and services

The Defense Department now prohibits personnel from using geolocation devices, applications or services in any area where military operations are being conducted.

How NGA plans to reinvent its acquisition efforts

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is looking to revamp its acquisition process to lean heavily on small businesses and agile spending authorities.

IARPA looks to build 3-D geospatial models on the fly

Research program is developing automated systems that can quickly build complex 3-D models from commercial, satellite and airborne imagery.

Firm develops rugged navigation device for a GPS-denied environment

The Army and DOD are working with industry to engineer networking technologies able to connect combat forces in an environment where GPS systems are jammed or disabled.

Next-gen handheld radio can help save downed pilots lives

General Dynamics just released an upgraded radio for downed pilots to send rapid and secure GPS data to rescuers.

Individual Soldiers can have lightweight, mobile satcom terminal

Made of composite materials, the HM500 is engineered to enable dismounted units to have stronger beyond-line-of-sight connectivity.

How can cyber upgrades help satellite connectivity for small devices?

Cyber upgrades will allow ground-based operators to identify and share data on enemy missile launches faster.

Air Force charts Wideband Global Satellite future

An Air Force analysis of alternatives considers a future plan for its constellation of Wideband Global Satellites.

The Pentagon's Cartographers Won't Be Robots Anytime Soon

Machines are increasingly taking on routine scanning tasks, but are still no match for human analysts.

The Top Secret Military Mapmakers Spying on ISIS' Oil Smuggling

Analysts at the NGA have taken the tradecraft used to spy on Russia and China and turned it on black market oil transports.

The Pentagon's Satellite Spies Are Aiming for the Arctic

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency director Robert Cardillo sees the North Pole as the future nexus of geopolitical tensions.

Satellite Imagery Is Revolutionizing the Way We Respond to Wars

A 60-year-old technology is being reinvented to illuminate the world's blind spots and even predict and prevent conflicts and humanitarian disasters.

Can You Have a Transparent Spy Agency?

The head of National Geospatial Intelligence Agency doesn’t want to be a spy. By Patrick Tucker

How US Special Forces Uses Google Maps

Looking for your car in a parking lot? How about a rooftop sniper? By Patrick Tucker

The Public Will Soon Be Able to Buy Military-Grade Satellite Images

The view from space is about to get a lot clearer for the public. And that’s a good thing for the military. By Patrick Tucker

Ukraine Crisis Has Triggered Unprecedented Spying From the Sky

With few eyes on the ground, concerned nations have taken to the skies to find out what's going on at the Russia-Ukraine border. By Marina Koren

Drone Warfare Is Why We Can't Find Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

If you’re sick of not being able to find planes with today’s technology, just wait – it’s actually going to get worse. By Patrick Tucker