To Deter China, Deepen the US-Indian Partnership

Here are some ideas for the upcoming 2+2 defense and foreign affairs ministerial conference.

India’s and Pakistan’s Lies Thwarted a War—For Now

Lying about facts to de-escalate tension in Kashmir is a playbook they’ve both used before.

America Can't Duck the India-Pakistan Crisis

The most recent friction between the two nuclear powers offers unpleasant lessons yet clear opportunities.

US Influence Over India-Pakistan Crisis in Question

Trump officials are working the phones, but “the U.S. position seems to be ‘You guys figure it out yourselves.’”

How to End the Worst India-Pakistan Crisis in a Generation

Stepping back from the brink now will require political courage in New Delhi and reciprocity in Islamabad.

Lockheed Unveils F-21 Fighter, a Beefy F-16 Concept It’s Pitching to India

It’s the company’s latest attempt to secure a $15 billion deal for 114 new fighter jets.

Who Will Prevent the Next India-Pakistan War?

China’s stakes and vulnerabilities in South Asia have grown. U.S. leaders should make use of this.

What Next for US-India Military Ties?

A new agreement between top U.S. and Indian officials will deepen military cooperation and bolster strategic ties between the two countries.

How to Keep the US-India Defense Relationship Moving Ahead

Both countries can help each other in a rapidly changing Asia — if they can pick their way past several looming obstacles.

US to India: Buy American, Not Russian

Officials hope Delhi’s $15 billion in US arms deals over the past decade are just the beginning.

Pentagon Rebrands PACOM as ‘Indo-Pacific Command’

The change is symbolic, defense officials say, but it emphasizes the U.S.’s commitment to new partnerships.

Take Small Steps to Advance the US-India Relationship

India got more mentions in the new National Security Strategy than Japan or South Korea. Here’s what should come next.

Let's Not Kid Ourselves, India Will Not Win a War Against Pakistan

The reasons are many, including China's help accelerating Pakistan's nuclear technology, missile systems, and cyber and drone warfare capabilities.

Lockheed to Move F-16 Production to South Carolina

The new, smaller line will better suit the dwindling orders for the venerable fighter jet, while freeing up space for F-35 production.

Sell India F-16s — and Build Them Abroad

It’s the right move for the United States, even if it makes the Trump administration uncomfortable.

How Trump Will Affect the India-Pakistan Balance of Power

Human rights promotion and developmental funding are poised to decline under a Trump administration, reducing American leverage in Kabul and Islamabad—and giving China an upper hand.