Inspector General

Deputy Commander in Iraq Misused Staff for Personal Tasks

IG absolves Brig. Gen. Rick Uribe of charges he wore unearned medals and skipped weigh-ins.

State Department Has No Idea What It Costs to Give Security Clearances

Despite orders from Congress last year, Foggy Bottom can't say what clearances cost or how long they take.

A New Front In Obama's War on Whistleblowers

Fired Pentagon assistant inspector general John Crane is going public with allegations senior officials retaliated against whistleblowers, destroyed permanent records and altered audits under political pressure.

The Military Isn't Fully Tracking Sexual Assault Reports

Watchdog says DOD has yet to comply with a new law to tally discharged troops who had reported being assaulted.

Afghanistan Growing More Dangerous for US Rebuilders

The Taliban now controls more territory than at any time since 2001, the inspector general noted in just one of many downward trends for a country now in its 15th year of fighting.

VA's New Paperless Claim System Has Nearly Doubled in Costs

The agency’s deputy IG told lawmakers the billion-dollar (and counting) system may not be worth the money.

Pentagon Bought Itself $150M in Unnecessary Luxury Homes in Afghanistan, Watchdog Says

Twenty percent of a special task force's budget went to things like queen-sized beds and private security guards rather than far cheaper stays on a military base, a new report alleges.

A New Look at the CIA’s Pre-9/11 Mindset Reveals Uncomfortable Truths About Intel

An inspector general report shows what’s gotten better in the past decade — and what’s still a problem.

Punish US Generals for Mismanaging Afghan War Funds, Says Inspector General

The Army failed to stop the construction of never-to-be-used $36 million command center.

SIGAR Says $416M for Afghan Women Could Go To Waste

The inspector general for reconstruction in Afghanistan warns USAID may not be able to track more than $400 million in spending to promote the status of women.

Now SIGAR Wants To Know How Big Afghanistan's Security Force Will Become

John Sopko has been merciless about the wake of wasteful spending the U.S. left behind in Afghanistan. Now he wants to know the U.S. plan for Afghan forces to come.

Report Finds VA's Monitoring System Is Not Doing Its Job

The VA's inspector general found that a new system designed to keep close watch on the agency’s IT initiatives needs some monitoring of its own. By Hallie Golden

Afghan Reconstruction Audits Saved More Than $1 Billion, Watchdog Says

The Defense Department has saved or repurposed $1.1 billion in taxpayer funds since 2008, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction said Tuesday. By Charles S. Clark

Did the Pentagon's Switch to the Cloud Actually Save Money?

The Defense Department's inspector general wants to know if its recent switch to cloud computing is paying off. By Frank Konkel

Nearly $1 Billion Spent To Elevate Afghan Women May Have Been Squandered

Neither the State Department nor USAID could identify any results from the $850 million spent to improve the lives of women in Afghanistan. By Charles S. Clark