Marine Corps

State of Defense 2020: Special Report

Our annual service-by-service look at the big questions facing the U.S. military.

17 Sailors and Six Marines Died in Avoidable Accidents. Congress Asks: Are the Problems Fixed?

After ProPublica wrote about inadequate training and faulty equipment, lawmakers grilled Navy and Marine leaders about the accidents and whether America is ready for war.

A Marine Squadron Leader Begged for Help Before a Deadly Midair Crash. Now Congress Wants Answers

DOD's secret investigation into the 2018 collision shows the squadron leader had repeatedly asked for more training time, senior enlisted, and gear.

Price of F-35 Falls, But Not as Much As Pentagon Hoped

Defense officials say the cost of the plane’s engine is not declining as much as the airframe itself. The engine maker says it already dropped by half.

US Marines Try Using Drones to Bring Blood to Battle

The light unmanned aircraft made hundreds of supply drops during recent Australian live-fire wargames.

Extra-Long Sustainment Contracts Are Lockheed’s Latest Bid to Cut F-35 Costs

The company is pitching the Pentagon on a five-year deal — with promises to keep 80 percent of the fleet mission-ready.

Brand New Marine One Helicopter To Make Debut at Trump’s July 4th Parade

Other aircraft slated to fly over include the B-2 stealth bomber, F-22 Raptor and Air Force One.

State of Defense 2019: Special Report

Our annual service-by-service look at the U.S. military finds the shift to great-power competition dogged by some old problems and some very new ones.

US Navy to Create Chief Learning Officer, Overhaul Sailor Education

The creation of a Naval University and other changes are aimed at better shaping sailors and Marines for tomorrow’s wars.

Marines Turn to Artificial Intelligence to Better Deploy Troops

The tool could help top brass determine which battalions and gear are most prepared for battle.

Curtailing Korean Exercises Comes at a Price, Says USMC Commandant

Gen. Neller says training on the Korean peninsula is an integral — if not quite irreplaceable — part of Marine readiness.

Hackers Find Scores of Vulnerabilities in Marine Corps Websites

The Pentagon’s latest bug-bounty contest continues a successful run of hack-the-military efforts.

The Marines Still Need a New Amphibious Combat Vehicle

Those who argue that beach landings are irrelevant are not seeing the whole picture.

After Crash, Air Force Ends Test Flights of Light-Attack Planes Vying for Contract

Weeks after a Naval aviator was killed in a Super Tucano, Air Force leaders say the competition is back on for propellor-plane key to the Afghanistan war.

Marines to Buy New Amphibious Combat Vehicle from BAE Systems

The armored personnel carrier will replace the four-decade-old Amphibious Assault Vehicle.

Top Marine General: ‘I’ve Never Told a Marine They Could or Couldn’t Speak’ to the Press

While one service cracks down on media engagement, the Corps’ top officer strikes a different tone.