Hypersonics, Nukes Top House Lawmaker’s Priorities List

But markups at Doug Lamborn’s HASC strategic forces panel are on hold amid threats to force a U.S. default.

In Ukraine, A New Chance to Judge the Patriot Missile

The much-lauded air-defense system has a decidedly mixed record. The Pentagon should watch its performance carefully.

Air Force’s Next-Gen ICBM Program Could Face Delays, Kendall Says

Though the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent is on track at the moment, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall isn’t sure it will stay there.

What’s Next in US Hypersonic Efforts as Air Force Shelves ARRW

The service will focus on a potentially cheap scramjet as research continues in other services.

Failed Hypersonic Test Dims Air Force View of Lockheed Missile

The service had previously disclosed that an ARRW test happened in March, but markedly avoided saying whether it was a success.

Air Force Won’t Buy Hypersonic Missiles in 2024, Official Says

The service will spend the next year continuing to develop and test two candidate weapons, a budget leader said.

Let Us Bulk-Buy Missiles for Fighting China, Pentagon Asks Congress

The Defense Department says it wants to use more multi-year munition buys in future years as well.