National Guard

DC Guard To Deploy for Pro-Trump Demonstrations In Washington

About 350 troops will help with crowd control — seven months after a fraught deployment in June.


Helicopters Over DC Protesters Broke Regulations While Commander was Driving Home, DC Guard Concludes

The D.C. National Guard and Pentagon IG are fighting over who to blame for the dangerous incident that symbolized Trump’s militarized response.

No Need To Federalize State's National Guards, Leaders Say

“I cannot think of any scenario where we would recommend or ask for being federalized,” Tennessee’s adjunct general told reporters.

Pentagon Leaders Reject Calls for Militarized Election Season

“We support law enforcement,” Army Secretary McCarthy said Tuesday. ”We don’t police American streets.”

National Guard Commander To Testify ‘Excessive Force’ Used on White House Protesters

Officer on the scene saw spent tear gas canisters, contradicting key details of Attorney General Barr’s account of the controversial night.

The US Army Has Grounded the Two Pilots Who Flew Low Over DC

Active duty soldiers in the nation’s capital will also be returning home.

Quieter Night In DC As Protests Continue Amid Large Militarized Response Force

The show-of-force angered protesters, but the crowds eventually dwindled without much police intervention.

Pentagon Says Guard Did Not Tear-Gas Protesters; Downplays Role In Militarized Response

A senior official also said SecDef was unaware of the plan to clear a public park for a Trump photo op.

What the National Guard Is Doing During the Protests

Guardsmen appear to have been involved in at least one fatal clash.

The Vermont National Guard’s Great Experiment

A few weeks ago, the state's Guardsmen got an impossible assignment. And then they pulled it off.

The Right Way to Activate the National Guard

There are three methods of mobilizing America’s citizen soldiers. Which one Trump chooses will matter a great deal.