Defense One Radio, Ep. 125: The Army’s recruiting crisis; the science of special forces; and NATO’s Mircea Geoană

Can the Army pull itself out of a two-year recruiting slump? And what sort of gear is drawing the attention of America's special operators?

NATO Details Defense Plans—And Reiterates Call for More Member Spending

One leader said the updated plans help make the case for nations to meet the 2%-of-GDP guidelines.

US ‘Very Confident’ Ukraine Has What It Needs For Counteroffensive

And China is paying a cost for its support of Russia’s aggression, U.S. Europe Command says.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 123: The Discord leaks and what might lie ahead for Ukraine

Defense One’s Patrick Tucker and Sam Skove help explain where Russia's Ukraine invasion stands today, and what might unfold over the coming weeks and months.

NATO Plans Record Air Exercise as Finland Joins Alliance

Air Defender 2023 exercise will include 100 U.S. aircraft, 2,000 troops, in “largest transatlantic movement” the Air National Guard has ever done.

No US-Turkey Rapprochement Is Possible Under Erdogan

The Turkish president has morphed into an opponent of democratic governance.

NATO Should Offer Ukraine an Arms Supply Pact

It’s the strongest commitment the alliance can realistically give.

Who Else Would Trump and DeSantis Abandon?

If Europeans aren’t worth fighting for, why would anyone think DeSantis or Trump would fight for Taiwan—or even our oldest treaty allies?