Navy On Path To Violate 31-Amphibious-Ship Requirement in 2024

Budget proposal asks Congress to allow ship retirements that lawmakers explicitly nixed last year.

Biden Unveils Plans for New Australian-US-UK Submarine

The plan also calls for Australia to buy three American-made Virginia-class submarines, with options for two more.

The Pentagon’s 2024 Budget Proposal, In Short

The spending plan includes $315 billion to develop and buy new weapons.

Air Force Abandons New F-35 Engine in Favor of Upgrades

If approved by Congress, it’s a win for F-35 engine maker Pratt & Whitney and a blow to General Electric.

Let Us Bulk-Buy Missiles for Fighting China, Pentagon Asks Congress

The Defense Department says it wants to use more multi-year munition buys in future years as well.

Fewer Than 1/3 of Navy’s Amphibious Ships Are Ready to Deploy

“We can’t live with that,” Marine commandant says after high-profile missions were delayed or scuttled.

State of the Navy 2023

Has the fleet settled on a consensus shipbuilding plan just in time to be disrupted by the unmanned revolution?

State of the Marine Corps 2023

Efforts to fulfill the vision of Force Design 2030 are hitting a groove. But who will replace its architect?

Medevac Drone-Boat, Record-Setting UAV to Play in Sprawling Maritime Exercise

The U.S.-led IMX and Cutlass Express events will take place from the Mideast to East Africa.

Leased Ship Will Shape USMC Amphib Requirements

The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab will wring out modified commercial ships to learn what is needed in future amphibious ships.

How The Navy Trains Its Info Warfare Officers Needs Work

The goal is to expand the training into virtual and synthetic environments in the next few years.