The Navy is trying to use quantum computers to task spy satellites

Some problems are coming into focus for the next big leap in computing.

Groupthink gives V-22 a bad rap

The tiltrotor’s safety record is on par with other Pentagon rotorcraft—none of which can match its capability and performance.

Meet the German company developing sub drones that pass data with sound

Divers’ search-and-rescue missions could soon get assists from drone swarms.

The Navy’s latest sea base is drone-ready

USS John L. Canley was designed to tackle a variety of missions, including special operations and counter-mine efforts.

Navy envisions ‘hundreds of thousands’ of drones in the Pacific to deter China

With DIU contracting for prototypes, Pacific Fleet is experimenting with unmanned craft that may one day defend Taiwan.

Navy secretary blasts defense industry’s stock buybacks

Del Toro says contractors should invest their record profits in American shipyards and industrial base.

Navy leaders want more code-loving sailors at sea

One wants to take ad hoc data science efforts and fold them into a formal training cycle.

Lockheed vows steady F-35 production amid demand shifts

The Pentagon is reportedly considering a cut to next year’s order but international interest continues to rise.

No phishing: Navy uses automation, data analytics to protect seagoing networks

10th Fleet is also working to help ships’ cyber defenders reach back to experts on land.