After Ship Seizures, US Moves to Increase Patrols Off Iran

Aircraft, drones, and Navy and Coast Guard vessels will try to send a warning message, officials said.

Navy Has Fixed the Gears of Nearly Half of Its Freedom-Class Littoral Combat Ships

Eight ships have yet to get the combining-gear fix, including three the Navy wants to retire in two years.

Navy, Shipyards Settle Dispute that Delayed Submarine Orders

It’s unclear how the sides came to agreement, or just how late the two Virginia-class subs will eventually arrive.

Will SecAF’s Budget-Flexibility Proposal Die on the Hill?

Frank Kendall wants Congress to allow service secretaries to launch new efforts as threats arise, not when budget season rolls around.


How Special Operations Forces Must Meet the Challenges of a New Era

To the commander of U.S. SOCOM, what matters most is whether we solve the problem our nation needs solved.

MEU to Debut New Artillery, Missile, and Multi-Domain Unit

The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit will take along several innovations when it deploys this summer.

Navy Shipbuilding Plan Draws Lawmakers’ Ire Anew

Like last year’s, the new long-range plan offers a three-option menu and fewer amphibs than Congress mandates.