2021 Top Ten: Navy

The sea service moved ahead with new warship ideas and tested new warfighting concepts. But will they win over Congress?

How Loitering Munitions Can Help Counter China

“Suicide drones” are already tapped to fill various roles, but more are needed, and faster.

Navy to Start Ejecting Unvaccinated Sailors

Sailors can decide to get vaccinated at any point in the process to be retained.

The Navy Remains Stuck At the Pier Without a Leadership Team

Three of the service’s top jobs are filled by temps, nearly 11 months into the Biden administration.

Calls Grow Urgent for Improving Guam’s Missile Defenses

“The threat to Guam will only increase over the next five years,” says INDOPACOM’s No. 2.

New National Defense Strategy to Be Released Early 2022

The Pentagon's NDS will follow the release of a new National Security Strategy from the White House, officials said.

Thousands of Sailors, Marines Remain Unvaccinated After Deadline

Navy lowers its official vaccination rate after discovering data discrepancies.

Defense Industry Asks White House to Allow COVID Tests to Substitute for Vax Mandate

Nation’s largest military shipbuilder says it won’t comply until mandate is written into a contract.

The Pentagon’s New UFO Office Has a Specific Job

Defense leaders want to make sure they can spot and track “phenomena” trespassing over training ranges.