The Pentagon’s New UFO Office Has a Specific Job

Defense leaders want to make sure they can spot and track “phenomena” trespassing over training ranges.

Are Naval Forces on the Right Path? Leaders Run Wargame to Check

Analysis of the classified, Pacific-focused “Global 14” will continue for weeks or months, a Navy official said.

Australia Seeks ‘More Proactive’ Role In Indo-Pacific

The ambassador says Australia can no longer be a “passive recipient” in today’s strategic environment.

Navy Secretary Seeks 3-5% Annual Budget Increases

“I think more members of Congress understand the real threat that China presents,” Del Toro said.

Navy Fires Commander, Other Leaders of Damaged Submarine

A separate safety investigation is still proceeding into the Oct. 2 grounding of USS Connecticut.


Cancers Strike US Fighter Pilots, Crews at Higher Rates, Air Force Finds

Nearly 30% higher likelihood of testicular cancer and roughly 25% for skin and prostate cancer, according to the military’s most comprehensive study yet.

One of Four Boosters Fails in Rapid-Fire Hypersonic Tests

Three launches got off successfully from Virginia; investigations have begun into the Alaska failure.

Navy Seeks To Improve Firefighting After ‘Preventable’ Bonhomme Richard Disaster

Naval Safety Center gets a promotion, while ships’ crews will be trained to respond to pierside fires.

US Navy Lists Consequences for Sailors Who Refuse COVID Vaccination

Refusers could be stripped of warfare qualifications, removed from their billet, or even dismissed from service.