Is the Pentagon Changing Fast Enough?

So far, two former defense insiders say, new service organizations are more promise than improvement.

Biden’s Nuclear Policy Fails the Ukraine Test

His administration’s Cold War-style thinking is missing a golden opportunity.

Only Half the Parts Are Waiting When US Attack Submarines Come in For Repairs

The Navy’s attack-sub PEO has a plan to fix this, but he’ll need approval from higher-ups and the Hill.

How to Keep War With China From Being a Pick-Up Game

INDOPACOM needs a joint force headquarters now, not when crisis arrives.

Here’s the Last Hurdle Keeping Subs from Being Drone Motherships

The unmanned underwater vehicles need software that enables them to come back aboard via torpedo tube.

A Handful of Ohio Subs Could Get Yet Another Service Life Extension

The move would give the Navy more available SSBNs during its transition to the Columbia class.

When China Pushes, Push Back, Admiral Says

Seventh Fleet commander says the U.S. needs to continue freedom of navigation patrols in the Pacific.

U.S.-Led Drone Fleet Starting To Come Together in Middle East

Bahrain, Kuwait pledge to chip in unmanned surface vessels for maritime surveillance and incident response, 5th Fleet says.

US Scrambles Warships in Response to North Korean Missiles

North Korea fired two more ballistic missiles Thursday as U.S. ships from USS Reagan carrier strike group conduct exercise with South Korea and Japan.

Judge Finds Sailor Not Guilty in Fire That Destroyed $1.2B Warship

Even though a separate Navy review found that 34 people, including five admirals, contributed to or directly led to the loss of the USS Bonhomme Richard, Ryan Mays is the only person to have faced a court-martial.