As More Aviation Accidents Pile Up, Key Safety Recommendations Remain Undone

Pentagon officials say they’re still working on the December 2020 suggestions of a congressional commission.

After Deadly Aviation Crashes, Congress May Tighten Pentagon Focus on Why

2023 budget also seeks report on risks to anti-tank and anti-aircraft munition stockpiles after U.S. surge to Ukraine.

Lawmakers Plan to Save Some of the 24 Ships the US Navy Wants to Cut

House seapower panel has consensus on five ships; full Armed Services Committee will debate others June 22.

House Bill Would Allow Military to Perform, Fund Abortions

“Reproductive rights cannot and should not end when you put on our nation’s uniform,” Rep. Sara Jacobs said.

A Navy 'Cattle Drive' Has Saved $150M in IT Costs

The service's two-year-old effort to consolidate computer systems is to be duplicated across the Pentagon.

Navy Climate Strategy Lacks Specifics for Reducing Largest Emissions Producers

Climate change is “one of the most destabilizing forces of our time,” Assistant Navy Secretary Meredith Berger said.

Nuclear vs. Conventional Spending? We Don’t Have that Luxury

The call to boost one at the expense of the other is wrong.