Pelosi Calls Milley To Discuss Keeping Nukes From Trump

The House Speaker's public revelation of the call may have been intended to pressure members of Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Aging ICBMs Must Be Replaced, Not Refurbished, STRATCOM Chief Says

Even the people who once knew how to fix them are “not alive anymore,” Richard says.

ICBM Advocates Say US Missile Subs Are Vulnerable. It Isn’t True

Recent technological advances still favor the sea-based leg of America’s nuclear triad.

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When Putin calls to congratulate the new U.S. president, Biden should seize the opportunity.

Why We Need a New ICBM

The arguments for keeping a nuclear triad.

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The president-elect has a real but limited window to reinstate a deal that froze Tehran’s nuclear efforts.

A Nuclear Strike Should Require More than One Person’s Order

We should require a second voice when it comes to ordering first use of nuclear arms.

Donald Trump is No Jack Kennedy. Or Khrushchev.

The president lacks the experience, character, credibility, and confidence to navigate our country through a Cuban Missile Crisis. We need Joe Biden.

To Reboot Arms Control, Start with Small Steps

Stop accusing. Set aside questions of structure. Start talking.

How An Amateur Planespotter Sparked Nuclear Dread

The bogus Trump-COVID-E-6B connection reminds us to be wary of ascribing meaning to coincidence.

The US Should Remove Its Nukes from Europe

There’s no prudent use case, and their non-stealthy fighter jets can’t deliver them anyway.

Why Trump’s Retreat from US Allies Could Have Nuclear Consequences

For decades, America gave allies and partners good reason to shelve their nuclear-weapons efforts.