Can the US and Russia Agree to Disagree?

The relationship is cold, but there are still some areas of mutual interest.

New ICBM Costs Can, Must Come Down, Hyten Says

The Joint Chiefs vice chairman says he’s been meeting with Northrop Grumman and believes he’s found a way.

UK Confirms Plans to Add F-35s, But Won’t Commit to Original Goal

Officials have promised to buy 48, are thinking about buying more, but wouldn’t say whether the 138-plane vision will ever be realized.

The New ICBM Is a Legacy System, And Should Be Cancelled

Antiquated strategic thinking must not be allowed to drain funding that could be put toward more pressing threats.

GOP Lawmakers Push Chinese Threat at Indo-Pacific Commander’s Hearing

Adm. Davidson called China the “greatest long-term strategic threat of the 21st century.”

Lockheed-Aerojet Deal Clears Another Hurdle

Aerojet Rocketdyne shareholders approved plans for the $4 billion sale that Lockheed claims will save the U.S. $100 million annually. But the FTC is still reviewing.

With Iran, First Prevent the Nukes

If Tehran gets the Bomb, every other regional problem immediately gets a lot harder.

Modeling Software Once Led Us to the Precipice of Nuclear War. What Will AI Do?

The Pentagon must heed the lessons of RYAN and Able Archer amid its artificial-intelligence aspirations.

Hyten: US Must Broaden Its Strategic Deterrence Concept — and Keep Its ICBMs

The Joint Chiefs vice chair said a “new strategic defense review” should take account of communications and sensors.

Trying to Box in Biden on Arms Control

Former Trump officials complain that the new president doesn’t want what they failed to achieve.

How Biden Can Reduce the Danger of Nuclear War

The world needs more sanity and justice. Here are four steps to help avoid destroying the world.

Biden Calls Putin ‘To Make Clear’ Where US Stands

In a marked change, the president read off a list of grievances — and discussed the potential for additional nuclear arms controls.

Nuclear Modernization Questions Loom After New START Extension

The treaty’s extension highlights its limits as well as its strengths.

Gaslighting Can’t Obscure Trump’s Iran Failures

The Biden administration must make a firm break from Trump’s approach and restore the status quo ante.