Air Force Leaders Fret As Another Satellite Maker Declares Bankruptcy

Service leaders are asking for Congressional help in shoring up the defense industrial base.

Pentagon Delays Budget Deadline to Help Staff Work from Home

Service officials had complained that a June 1 deadline was preventing them from implementing coronavirus-related social-distancing guidelines.

New Satellites Will Be a Big Step in the Pentagon’s Plan to Link Everything

A new “transport layer” constellation will help distribute tactical data — but won’t have defenses against anti-satellite weapons.

Lockheed Adds 1,000 Employees Amid Coronavirus Crisis, Wants to Hire 5,000 More

The defense giant also said it would give bonuses to employees who can’t work from home.

If Space Startups Fail, the Pentagon’s Going to Need Some New Plans

The coronavirus is threatening young space companies — and the military’s plans to rely on them.

Ep. 63: War in space

What might orbital war look like? How might it start, and how could it proceed?

Top 5 Things to Watch in Congress' 2021 Defense Budget Hearings

On Wednesday, military and civilian leaders of the Defense Department will testify before Congress on their $705 billion budget request for 2021.

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Our annual service-by-service look at the big questions facing the U.S. military.

100 US Soldiers to Transfer into Space Force in 2021

The Army is the first branch outside the Air Force to announce initial plans regarding the new branch of service.

Pentagon Wants to Build One Satellite Per Week 

Over the next two years, the Space Development Agency is looking to put dozens of satellites into orbit. 

The US Space Force Is Not a Joke

It’s not all President Trump promised, but it exists now.

US Space Force Lists 20 Tough Problems for 1st Pitch Day

The military’s newest branch invites industry to bring solutions on March 4. Officials want to move quickly if they see something they like.

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Space Force Is Go for Launch, But ‘Thousands’ of Decisions Remain

The 2020 defense authorization act ushers in the first new service branch in 72 years.