Training & Simulation

Expect AR/VR on the Battlefield, Air Force CIO Says

Augmented- and virtual-reality gear will become more than just a training tool, Knausenberger says.

Tempest Tabula Rasa: UK’s Next-Gen Fighter Cockpit Has No Instruments, Yet

BAE suggests under-development avionics architecture could influence other aircraft as well.

Lack of Space National Guard Could Hurt Training, Recruiting

Guardsmen in space-related jobs have trouble getting into Space Force schools, leaders say.

More Military Education Should Be Like the ‘Strategic Thinkers Program’

PME schools should move beyond a minimal standard toward the demanding education students deserve.

Space Force Buys a Digital Twin of Orbital Space

Updated “minute-by-minute,” the Slingshot Aerospace tool is expected to improve training and real-world planning.

The DOD Needs a Joint Wargaming Center

The recent explosion of wargames obscures several flaws in the current system.

Space Force Has a Plan for Training Its Troops. Now It Must Figure Out What They Need to Learn

The newest service can’t train the same way its sisters do. It needs a new simulated environment.

Globe-Spanning Wargame Puts New Naval Concepts to the Test

Large Scale Exercise 21 is connecting thousands of sailors and Marines to try out and develop warfighting concepts intended to be central to tomorrow's fight.

What Will Decrease Training Deaths? More Training, GAO Says

A recent increase in non-combat vehicle deaths could be reversed with more, better training, GAO’s newest report says.

GOP Lawmakers Push Chinese Threat at Indo-Pacific Commander’s Hearing

Adm. Davidson called China the “greatest long-term strategic threat of the 21st century.”

How to Teach Troops about the Constitution

We can’t assume they know enough about what they’re swearing to support and defend.

Combat Simulators Should Also Improve Acquisition, DOD Leader Says

The modeling and simulation tools that train troops and forces should also “revolutionize” design, acquisition, sustainment and test.