Training & Simulation

With an eye on Ukraine, Army revamps training to reflect modern war

Soldiers are learning to hide their Starlink dishes—and relearning the importance of digging a deep foxhole.

Far from the front, AI is starting to prove its military value

From customizing training to slashing through red tape, artificial intelligence tools are being put to use.

Aussie F-35s, UK tanker join massive wargame over western US

This year’s Red Flag comes as US and allies operate against Houthi targets in Mideast.

Deadly but tricky to fly, suicide drones have Ukraine putting thousands of soldiers through pilot training

Private schools are churning out troops who can use hobbyist racing quadcopters as deadly loitering munitions.

How US Army Pacific is preparing for war with China

A sprawling, multi-island exercise hones troops’ ability to fight in the jungle, cross “wet gaps,” and operate with multiple partner nations.

Platoons to get counter-drone gear in two US Army divisions

Joint Counter-UAS office says anti-drone gun trucks are also set for delivery to Ukraine soon.

What happens when a crisis sprawls between combatant commands?

That’s just one of the questions that the Navy’s global Large Scale Exercise aims to answer.

How to hide a helicopter refueling point, and other lessons from a giant Navy wargame

A stealthy Marine logistics team was just one small part of Large Scale Exercise 23.

Army's new training simulators on track for 2024 delivery

Trainees were so efficient at using simulated drones to coordinate artillery strikes that one soldier had to tell them to “leave something for the tanks to shoot at.”

Retired admirals, Project Overmatch will figure in Navy’s upcoming giant exercise

The second annual edition of the Large Scale Exercise will feature multiple crises erupting around the world.

Inside the Air Force’s anechoic chamber

Future platforms will require bespoke hardware to test at the Edwards facility.

Data-rights fight may delay training on Air Force's new F-35 simulator

Disagreement with Lockheed may stall installation of latest software in a next-gen training facility.

China’s New Conscription Rules Reveal Concerns

New sections on wartime drafts, punishment, and physical fitness offer a glimpse into PLA leaders’ minds.

After 2 Rollovers, Marines Overhaul Amphibious Combat Vehicle Training

A brand-new unit will teach Marines to drive the vehicles through the surf.