Putin Ups Efforts to Intimidate Ukraine and Its Allies

But experts say the mass mobilization does not suggest an imminent offensive.

Alexander Vindman: Trump Is Putin’s ‘Useful Idiot’

In his first interview, a key witness in the impeachment trial says Trump goes out of his way to try to please the Russian president.

US Will Send Ukraine Another $250M in Weapons, Gear and Other Aid

The upcoming delivery will bring total counter-Russia aid to the Eastern European nation to $1.75 billion.

Stop the ‘Blood Coal’ That Funds Russia’s Occupation of Ukraine

Moscow is selling Ukrainian coal to subsidize its military operations. Western sanctions must end that.

Here’s what Ukraine’s New Ambassador Is Asking from the US

Yelchenko intends to stress Crimea in meeting with Pompeo, who reportedly said Americans don’t care about Ukraine.

To Prove Trump’s Bad Faith, Don’t Argue Policy. Show He Subverted the Process.

On Ukraine, the president dodged processes designed to ensure that U.S. foreign policy serves the public interest.

How Not to Operate a Surface-to-Air Missile Battery

It’s not yet clear why a Ukrainian jetliner was shot down on Wednesday, but a lot had to go wrong.

Ukraine Would Get New Anti-Ship Missiles Under House Bill

Russia would also get new sanctions under the House version of the defense authorization bill.

Who’s Really to Blame for the ‘Ukraine Did It’ Conspiracy Theory?

Judging on the basis of public evidence, the narrative about Ukraine was propagated first and foremost by Americans, not Russian disinformation puppeteers.

America Hasn’t Always Supported Ukraine Like This

For a policy that’s purportedly a pillar of the decades-old international order, military aid to Ukraine is pretty new.

'Some of You on this Committee Appear to Believe' That Russia Didn't Meddle in 2016

In testimony, a former senior director for European and Russian affairs on Trump's National Security Council tells lawmakers to stop spreading Moscow's lies.

Ukraine Is Taking a Beating in the Impeachment Hearings

Each new revelation about U.S. attempts to manipulate Kyiv weakens Zelensky ahead of his December meeting with Putin.

Volker: I Didn’t Realize White House Was Asking for Biden Dirt

In Tuesday testimony, the special envoy to Ukraine said he was not part of the Giuliani-Perry-Sondland backchannel.

What Is an Oligarch?

And why it matters for Russia, Ukraine, and the United States.

Trump's Bullying of Ukraine Set Off Alarms Throughout the US Government

The first day of impeachment hearings revealed repeated threats to resign and repeated referrals to lawyers of possible violations of U.S. law by U.S. officials.

Trump's Real Offense Was Outsourcing American Diplomacy

Allowing Rudy Giuliani to handle U.S. diplomacy was a constitutional violation—one whose gravity Republicans might see if they weren’t so busy making excuses for the president.