Putin’s No Chess Master

Some believe Putin has not only Ukraine, but the whole West, exactly where he wants it. A more balanced consideration is in order.

US’ Written Response To Russia ‘Isn’t About Concession,’ Blinken says

NATO and U.S. officials proposed ideas to cooperate with Moscow, an attempt to avert conflict over Ukraine.

It’s Macron’s Moment to Move Europe Beyond NATO

Russian threats, Normandy talks, and the EU presidency give the French leader a golden chance to advance his new European security arrangement.

Republicans Are Split Over Ukraine, Threatening a Rare Bipartisan Consensus

Some GOPers think Biden is doing too little to counter Russia. The far right thinks he’s doing too much.

What If Moscow Cancels Airline Overflight Rights?

The interconnected world gives Russia tools that the Soviet Union never had.

Only Putin Knows What Happens Next

He alone can make the choice to bring Europe back from the brink of a major war.

US Sends More Military Equipment to Ukraine

Latest deliveries to arrive today as DOD searches its inventory for more to send.

Biden’s Gray-Zone Gaffe Highlights a Real Dilemma

It’s high time for NATO and its member governments to define what kinds of aggression short of war require a unified response.

Blinken Delivers Closing Argument In Rebuke of Russia

America’s top diplomat refuted Russia’s claims that it is acting in self-defense on the Ukrainian border.

Biden Promises More Troops In Poland, Romania If Russia Invades Ukraine

The president said he is unwilling to consider troop cuts in potential negotiations with Putin.

Ukraine Needs Help Surviving Airstrikes, Not Just Killing Tanks

A Russian invasion would likely start with a punishing bombardment intended to induce quick capitulation.

The US Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine

If Putin is not deterred from seizing another chunk of sovereign territory, he won’t stop there.

US 'Unequivocal’ to Russia on Right of Ukraine, Others, to Join NATO

U.S. diplomats rejected Moscow's demand that Kiev be forever barred from the Western alliance.

US Will Make ‘No Firm Commitments’ In Russia Talks This Week, Admin Official Says

Everything discussed at the meeting will also need to be considered by Washington and allies, the official said.

Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine Is Backfiring

Putin’s military moves are rallying Ukrainians and unifying NATO.