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Brian Dooley

Brian Dooley is a senior advisor at Human Rights First.

Egypt’s President Is Crushing Dissent — and Fueling ISIS

Even if the White House is in denial about al-Sisi’s harm to regional instability, Congress shouldn't be.


Time to Move the 5th Fleet? How US Appeasement Is Undermining Bahrain's Stability

The government crackdowns that followed the Obama administration’s decision to lift an arms ban have only stirred up dissent.


Beyond Syria’s Ceasefire, Activists Nervously Preparing for Post-War Politics

Egypt’s pro-democracy leaders hope Syrians are better prepared for the day after the dictator.


Obama Must Address Kenya’s Alarmingly Weak Counterterrorism Plan

Kenya is under immediate terrorism threat, yet its leaders block civil organizations, target Muslims and extort bribes.


Arming Dictators Will Only Bring Chaos

Obama keeps saying the right things, but doing the wrong ones, by sending weapons to Middle East regimes.


The US Should Condemn Bahrain, Not Rationalize For Them

As the 10th Manama Dialogue convenes, Bahrain’s monarchy is a human rights nightmare and source of insecurity the United States should be condemning, not celebrating. By Brian Dooley


Obama Should Be Pressuring, Not Legitimizing, Bahrain

After several snubs, letting Bahrain’s tiny Air Force in on the ISIL air strikes is a missed opportunity to change the ways of a shaky ally. By Brian Dooley