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James Fallows


What Trump’s Coronavirus Lie Reveals about the Commander in Chief

“I’ve always viewed it as very serious,” the president said today, after two months of publicly pooh-poohing the epidemic.


‘Chaos Serves Putin’s Interest’: A Veteran Diplomat Takes Stock

A 3-decade Foreign Service officer weighs in on Russia, Trump, and America’s place on the world stage.


The Shutdown and the Damage Done

America's institutions are withering, says one longtime Foreign Service Officer who's calling it quits.


The Iraq War and the Inevitability of Ignorance

The U.S. is destined to keep overlearning the lessons of the last conflict.


Donald Trump's Big Lie on the Iraq War

Trump’s opposition to the invasion is an important part of his claim to sound judgment. And he is making it up. I would know.


The Right Way to Enforce Freedom of Navigation in the South China Sea

Patrols must be clearly seen as reinforcing the norms involved, without bias or prejudice to who is claiming the features.


How the Media Aids and Abets the Benghazi Committee

The investigation is functioning as partisan oppo-research organization, and the press is enabling it.


Let Netanyahu Make His Case, Then Consider Why He's Wrong

The Israeli prime minister argues that 2015 is fundamentally similar to the world of 1938. Americans should hear him out, then pursue a more reasonable policy.


The Tragedy of the American Military

The American public and its political leadership will do anything for the military except take it seriously. By James Fallows


The FAA Warned Airlines Not to Fly Over Ukraine

The U.S. government did its best to keep civilian airliners away from the region. BY James Fallows


Iron Dome—Savior, or Sales Job?

A brief comparison of some of the ways Western media outlets have portrayed Israel's high-profile anti-rocket system. By James Fallows

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Why a Precision Strike Won't Work in Syria

The Kosovo model for a precision strike against Syria ignores two important things - they're not always that precise and there's no guarantee that Assad will back down any time soon. By James Fallows


The Government Needs to Stop Overreacting to NSA Leaks

The more serious threat of NSA surveillance comes from the the collective insanity or the simple loss of perspective, that an attack evokes. By James Fallows