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Joshua Foust

Joshua Foust is a freelance journalist who covers national security issues and edits the State of Play collection at Medium. He is a former senior intelligence analyst for the Pentagon.

What Does Nasiruddin Haqqani’s Death Mean?

Remember the Haqqani Network? Once more feared than the Taliban, brother Nasiruddin Haqqani’s drive-by killing in Pakistan on Monday is unusual in many ways -- the biggest being the method. By Joshua Foust


How Human Rights Groups Misinterpret Drone Strikes

Two recent drone strike reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch mean well, but important factual errors cloud their judgment. Civilian casualties alone are not war crimes. By Joshua Foust

Science & Tech

Why America Wants Drones That Can Kill Without Humans

The U.S. wants smarter, more secure drones. But are lethal autonomous robots the answer? By Joshua Foust


Obama's Wrong, Syria's Chemical Weapons Require Boots on the Ground

There's no way around it. Securing chemical weapons amid a civil war requires troops. By Joshua Foust


The War After the War in Syria

The continued fracturing of Syrian fighters threatens any hope for reconstruction once the fighting dies down. By Joshua Foust


Obama's Embassy Closures Just 'Free Advertising' for Al Qaeda

Obama's disjointed response to terrorism has left the U.S. in a 'defensive crouch'. Closing embassies so far from Yemen, however, was little more than 'free advertising' for Al Qaeda. By Joshua Foust


Iraq’s Descent Into Madness, With No Americans in Sight

Prison breaks, car bombs and cozying up to Iran? This is not what was supposed to happen. By Joshua Foust


Egypt vs. Syria

Obama has to choose which crises matter most. By Joshua Foust