Defense Systems

Space Force outlines vision for hybrid military-commercial-allied mission architectures

New strategy offers guidance on what the USSF wants to buy, but not how much it plans to spend.

Defense Systems

Drones, maps, and storm-tracking in the Pacific

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is working with partner nations in the Indo-Pacific to map the region as part of the Biden administration’s push for security.

Science & Tech

The Army’s relationship with Austin hits new stride—and snags

Amid the protests that met Pentagon officials at the SXSW mega-conference, there were signs of new interest from the tech industry.

Defense Systems

The Navy wants to make info-warfare training ubiquitous

The plan is to open three new training centers and integrate nearly two dozen systems into the live, virtual, constructive training environment.


Pentagon will use commercial space assets in military operations, under new plan

The unclassified document aims “to be transparent” about what the military needs and how private companies fit in.

Defense Systems

The Pentagon wants to help boost cybersecurity for small contractors

A new strategy outlines how the Defense Department plans to increase security and strengthen relationships across the industrial base.


Defense officials tease new commercial space strategies

The documents would detail how the Pentagon and Space Force want to use private space companies for military missions.

Science & Tech

Meet the Army’s tech incubator

Army Applications Lab turns five this year—and boasts that the startups it has worked with raised nearly $1 billion in funding.

Defense Systems

Preparing for electronic warfare is the Army’s top cyber priority in 2024

Troops could have a backpack capability in the next six months—as long as Congress passes a budget.

Defense Systems

Sprouts of promise bud in NATO’s tech incubator

Hopeful seedlings include improvements in energy resilience and storage.

Defense Systems

Does TikTok need a new parent company? Senator mulls implications

The White House is pushing the Senate to pass a TikTok ban bill that swept through the House last week.


Pentagon eyes stockpile replenishment, funds to spur tech industry in 2025 budget

The request comes as the White House wrestles with government-wide and supplemental funding requests.


Biden, Pentagon urge Congress to pass national security funding bill

Congressional inaction is “problematic,” the Defense Department comptroller said.