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Too Many National-Security Workers Shun Mental-Health Care, Leaders Say

Government and industry leaders are trying to get the word out: seeking help won't kill your career.


Defense Personnel to Get Crash Course in OpSec

But various problems have observers wondering whether it's a waste of time.

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Progress Is Finally Being Made on Security Clearance Backlog

“For the first time ever, the executive and legislative branches are on the same page about this issue.”

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You May Have to Wait 2 Years to Get That Security Clearance

The metrics fail to capture the real-world impact of the backlog, which includes careers put on hold and the loss of top talent, says Raytheon\'s Jane Chappell.

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State Department Has No Idea What It Costs to Give Security Clearances

Despite orders from Congress last year, Foggy Bottom can't say what clearances cost or how long they take.


The Government Wants You to Stop the Next Edward Snowden

New rules mean you could lose your security clearance if you don’t Say Something when you See Something.


Need a New Security Clearance? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

If you work for the government, you need to understand the process and the terminology.


Got a Clearance? Getting a Job Just Got Harder

The OPM hack has slowed hiring for jobs requiring a security clearance, a recent survey shows.