Army Retention on Track, Even as Recruiting Struggles

Even the busiest of units are seeing high retention as Army programs seek to smooth out the stress of service life.


China’s New Conscription Rules Reveal Concerns

New sections on wartime drafts, punishment, and physical fitness offer a glimpse into PLA leaders’ minds.

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North America Executive Summary 2023 Ransomware Trends Report: Lessons Learned from 350 Cyber Attacks

Download the 2023 North America Executive Summary to learn from their experiences so you can make sure you are prepared.

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A Decade-Old Cyber Policy Desperately Needs an Update, Group Says

The bipartisan Cyberspace Solarium Commission has recommendations for a new critical-infrastructure playbook.


Navy Should Be ‘In the Way,’ But ‘Non-Provocative,’ CNO Says

Speaking less than a week after an “unsafe maritime interaction” with China in the Taiwan Strait, Adm. Mike Gilday said the U.S. wants “things to remain stable and predictable.”



To Escape Bullies, Military ‘Forced to Move’ Families with LGBTQ+ Kids

Harassment of children is "detracting from our readiness," says top Air Force manpower official, "because their school will do nothing when their LGBT kid is being bullied."


Who Should Be NATO’s Next Secretary General?

With profound challenges on the horizon, NATO needs a highly skilled leader to be its voice. Only candidates with international credibility and a track record of delivering for Ukraine need apply.


GE Joins Lockheed in Lobbying for New Tanker Competition

Coalition turns up heat three months after USAF said they’d probably just buy Boeing.

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Army Follows Other Branches in Reorganizing IT Efforts

Expect a one-stop cyber shop as network-related programs move to new homes.

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Overheating F-35s May Get Service-Specific Cooling Upgrades, Likely Hiking Cost

The jets’ engines are running twice as hot as designed, boosting maintenance and capping performance.


Marines Will Restructure Infantry Battalions by September

The changes are informed by the service’s Infantry Battalion Experiment, part of Force Design 2030.


We Argued About Admitting Ukraine to NATO in 2008. Now We Agree on It.

The authors—longtime senior U.S. and German national-security figures—describe how they concluded that alliance membership is a necessary step.


Army Seeks Bomb-Carrying Drones Like Ukraine’s

Average U.S. soldiers could pilot lethal quadcopters—if they are ever fielded.