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AI in defense turns potential into reality

While AI has long been heralded as a potential game changer for the future, often as a quasi sci-fi tool, its adoption is becoming more of a present reality than a distant prospect.

Defense Systems

Doctors prefer Pentagon's old health-records system to its new one

User satisfaction "increased minimally" last year for MHS Genesis, the electronic-records system installed under a 2015 contract, a GAO survey found.


Deal will allow military spouses to telework from overseas

An agreement between the departments of Defense and State aims to ease unemployment among the spouses of servicemembers—and increase military families' quality of life.

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Using a Zero Trust, Cloud-Based Tactical Network to Protect our Tactical Edge

Learn more about how Zscaler Government Cloud can be your zero trust cloud solution.


House passes long-awaited aid for Ukraine, Israel, Indo-Pacific

Two months after the Senate acted, the lower house responds to an increasingly desperate Kyiv.

Science & Tech

An AI took on a human pilot in a DARPA-sponsored dogfight

Last September's tests are informing the Air Force’s effort to build autonomous drones.

Science & Tech

Army SOF's new drone course teaches gamer and maker skills

By graduation, the students will know how to build their own drones and teach foreign partners on tactics.


Exclusive Business

ULA has an ambitious plan to ‘reuse’ Vulcan rocket: keep it in space

The heavy-lift rocket’s upper stage might extend its service as a tug or defender.


Global defense spending jumped in 2023

Security crises drove year-over-year growth to its highest level in a decade.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 150: The state of the Navy

Our State of Defense series continues with discussion with the CNO and the 4th Fleet.


F-35 deliveries could resume in July, but the new jets won’t be combat-ready for a year or more

Program officials also say they’ll “reimagine” their upgrade plan, with new delays for some capabilities.


Russian hackers sabotaged Texas water-treatment plant: cyber firm

If officials confirm it, Moscow would join the list of recent foreign infiltrators of U.S. water infrastructure.


Army recruiting on pace to hit goal—and break a years-long streak

Service secretary says new initiatives have put the 55,000-recruit goal within reach.

Science & Tech

Geothermal energy easing US military's logistics challenges

DIU is doubling its investment in new technology to harness the heat of Earth's core.