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Why America Needs a National Data Strategy

As America races with China to lead the world in artificial intelligence (AI), the U.S. government may actually be missing an even greater problem.


‘Matter of National Security’: Democratic Veterans, Advocates Call For Codifying Right To Abortion

“Now that women in uniform have lost their reproductive rights, our country's fighting force is hindered and our security is at risk,” said a former Army helicopter pilot running for Congress.

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How Snowflake Enables Decision Dominance For JADC2

As military technological advances from top adversaries have significantly increased over the years, the United States Department of Defense has had to reevaluate its strategy.



US Sending More HIMARS Artillery to Ukraine

Just days after announcing a new billion-dollar weapons shipment, the White House announces $450 million more.


The Energy Crisis Is a National-Security Opportunity

It gives Biden the chance to offer a clear narrative: accelerating the move to clean energy is crucial to keeping America safe.


In Iran Nuclear Talks, the US Has No Good Plan ‘B’

Sanctions haven’t worked. Tehran is drawing closer to a Bomb. It’s time to get serious about negotiating.

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Russia Is Boosting Food Prices to Undermine Global Support for Sanctions, Officials Say

Moscow is blockading exports, bombing silos, and telling the world that high prices are the West’s fault.


House Committee Boosts Defense Budget By $37B

The House Armed Service Committee’s topline is more than Biden’s budget request, but less than that of its Senate counterpart


Ukrainian Fighter Pilots: Send Better Jets and Air Defenses

They’ve shot down a few Russian cruise missiles—but they could do far more with modern gear.


Leonardo DRS to Merge with Israeli Radar-Maker RADA

The deal would beef up the air-defense offerings of the U.S. arm of the Italian company, and into the top 50 largest defense firms.


Biden To Ban Most Land Mines, Undoing Trump’s Loosened Restrictions

Advocates applauded the move, but urged a ban on the weapons on the Korean peninsula.


Cancel Russia's UN Contracts

Congress should insist that U.S. dollars not fund United Nations procurement from Russian companies.