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MPEs Boost Interoperability, Speed Info Sharing Among Mission Partners

Technological Advancements and the rising demand for secure, collaborative communication are reshaping national security and defense.


Pentagon grounds all Ospreys, one week after deadly crash

Investigators suspect a “potential materiel failure” may have caused the Nov. 29 mishap off Japan.

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Powering Government in the Digital Age

With more agencies and departments looking to move existing workloads to the cloud, what do leaders need to know?


Humans must be accountable for AI in war, Air Force secretary says

"You don't enforce laws against machines; you enforce them against people," Kendall told a Reagan Forum audience.

Science & Tech

SpaceX, Blue Origin, others set to compete in military Moon business program

Rather than simply send another lander, DARPA’s newest space program seeks to advance multiple technologies simultaneously.


Defense Systems

Use more drones, US tells allies, partners

Especially at sea, and especially in the Indo-Pacific region, the Pentagon’s top regional official said.


NSA woos talent with flexibility in workday, careers, director says

A spy agency that assumed employees would stick around for decades is getting comfortable with ones who come and go, Nakasone said in an interview.


Hundreds of promotions approved after Tuberville drops hold

Senate swiftly approves 425 officers’ advancement, but 11 four-star jobs remain in limbo.

Science & Tech

NIST wants a dictionary of AI development

“It's difficult, but really important to make sure that we're all having the same understanding of terms such as bias,” an official from the National Institute of Standards and Technology said.


New bill aims to speed up JADC2

The proposed legislation would assign new responsibilities to specific Pentagon officials and aim particularly to improve rollout in the Indo-Pacific.


Water-system gear hacked by Iran-backed group, US warns

So far, CyberAv3ngers has only managed to deface web interfaces operated by the Israeli-made controllers.


Vice chief: US can handle Middle East, Ukraine, China missions all at once

But another temporary funding bill is ‘not where we need to be,’ Adm. Grady says.


Deadly but tricky to fly, suicide drones have Ukraine putting thousands of soldiers through pilot training

Private schools are churning out troops who can use hobbyist racing quadcopters as deadly loitering munitions.


Pentagon presses Congress to enable AUKUS' next stage

AI-powered subhunters, quantum gear among areas for cooperation under 'Pillar Two' of the trilateral tech-research pact.


Does the US have what it takes to keep its nuclear edge?

A congressional panel highlights its concerns about infrastructure, the industrial base, keeping up with Russia, and staying ahead of China.