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GovExec TV: Five Questions with Oshkosh Defense

Pat Williams, Chief Programs Officer at Oshkosh Defense, discusses how the U.S. Marine Corps operates with ROGUE-Fires.

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How Okta can help meet the DoD Zero Trust Capability Execution Roadmap

Discover a breakdown of how adopting Okta, the leading independent Identity provider, can help your organization meet specific DoD Zero Trust capabilities.


Army names air-defense vehicle for Medal of Honor recipient

“Sgt. Stout” will refer to a missile-and-gun variant of the service’s M-SHORAD effort.


What can this weekend’s Ukraine peace summit achieve?

Russia won't attend the Swiss-hosted event where Ukraine's Zelensky will pitch his proposal.


It’s not too late to cancel the Pentagon’s next ICBM

Axing Sentinel would save hundreds of billions of dollars—and make America safer.



Blue Origin cleared to bid on national-security launches

But Bezos-owned rocket firm is the only newcomer in a $5.6B contract pool that had been intended to foster competition.

Exclusive Science & Tech

New sat images show Russian vessels fleeing Black Sea ports

Ukrainian drone attacks have also prompted Russian patrols and harbor defenses, according to BlackSky images.

Defense Systems

US Army, Navy reduce dependence on China for ‘critical technology’

But the Air Force and other Pentagon agencies are using even more Chinese suppliers, a report finds.


Is NGAD slipping off the table? Air Force chief declines to confirm plans to build next-gen fighter

“We're going to have to make those choices” in the next few years, Gen. Allvin says at an AFA event.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 156: The future of Taiwan’s security with Dmitri Alperovitch

What might an invasion of Taiwan look like, and how can allies help the island nation better defend itself?


Lawmakers slam Coast Guard's handling of misconduct allegations

The criticism followed a year-old CNN investigation and a scathing resignation letter by the Coast Guard Academy's sex-assault response coordinator.


Europe’s still spending too little on defense to suit Estonia

Even Tallinn itself is not doing enough, according to a senior defense official who quit in protest.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 155: The future of Taiwan's security with Mick Ryan

The author of “White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan" discusses shoring up defenses against a blockade or invasion.


China’s overseas bases aren’t a big threat, yet: RAND

But Beijing is looking to add to its footprint, from Asia to Africa to the Mideast.