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Mission-ready mobility. Proven by operators.

Do more than ever before with the powerful military smartphone built for, and proven by, operators in special operations.


Regulate Social-Media Companies

They have proven unwilling to change algorithms and data-collection policies that stoke extremism and undermine national security.


US Flies B-52 Bomber To Gulf In Show of Force Against Iran

“We were also thinking…'Would they try to test the U.S. military in the early days of the new administration?'”


How Biden Can Reduce the Danger of Nuclear War

The world needs more sanity and justice. Here are four steps to help avoid destroying the world.

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eBook: The Future of the Navy

From missile subs to missile defense, the U.S. Navy is working its way toward the maritime warfare of the future.



Biden Calls Putin ‘To Make Clear’ Where US Stands

In a marked change, the president read off a list of grievances — and discussed the potential for additional nuclear arms controls.


Raytheon Expects Biden to Block $500M Bomb Sale to Saudi Arabia

Yet industry executives believe foreign arms sales will remain a priority of the new administration.


‘The Ban Should Never Have Been Imposed’

Former Army Secretary Eric Fanning says it’s time for Congress to pass a law that protects transgender servicemembers.

Breaking News Threats

Saudis Expanding US Military Access to Airfields, Port, to Counter Iran

The year-old initiative is intended to give CENTCOM “more options” in a fight, general reveals.


The Forgotten People Fighting the Forever War

A devastating incident in Afghanistan shows the perils of relying on Special Operations alone to fight the nation’s battles.


War Avoided, Biden Transition Brings ‘Opportunity’ for New Iran Relations, Top General Says

‘Our goal was to deter a war,’ said CENTCOM’s Gen. McKenzie of the past few months, en route to the region for his first visit under the new administration.


Three Steps to Fight Online Disinformation and Extremism

The long-term solution recommended by experts is rarely discussed by pundits and politicians.


Iran Will Still be a Slog

We can expect Tehran to use three tactics to seek advantage in negotiations.


Pandemic Numbers Are (Finally) Tiptoeing in the Right Direction

The United States remains in a very alarming place, but COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths all fell in the past seven days.