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Digital Transformation Can Help the US Military Maintain Tactical Advantage

To keep pace and maintain technological edge, national defense agencies must embrace digital transformation.

Science & Tech

CENTCOM Launches Competition For Innovation from Troops

The ‘Shark Tank’-like competition will pull solutions from active-duty personnel for possible use in the field.

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Inside the Marine Corps’ Drive Toward Modernization

The Marine Corps’ Force Design 2030 report codifies what the Marine Corps must do to outpace and outmatch its near-peer adversaries.



How Putin’s Ukraine War Has Only Made Russia More Reliant on China

Despite Putin’s imperial dreams, in the last six months China has increasingly dictated the direction of the partnership and squeezed more concessions from the Russians.

Science & Tech

The US Army Is Hunting For More Soldier-Connected Tech

A recent solicitation calls for soldier-centered networking and information technology that will link existing and prototype technologies together.


The US Military Should Red-Team Open Source Code

The Pentagon can reduce threats and increase security by finding and fixing bugs lurking in its software.

Defense Systems

DOD Failing to Track Progress on Military Alternatives to GPS, GAO Says

A new report says military leaders don’t have enough information to make crucial decisions about ongoing efforts to develop alternatives to the Global Positioning System.


US Approves First Javelin Anti-Tank Weapon Sale to Brazil

Brasília wants up to 222 of the weapons, which have been used by the Ukrainian military against Russian tanks.


New ‘Influence Triad’ Will Fuse SOF, Cyber, and Space Command Satellite Intelligence

Information warfare cells, where space units and SOCOM work side by side, will be dispersed throughout combatant commands.


US Will Spend $89M To Eradicate Russian Landmines In Ukraine

One hundred demining teams will work over the next year to clear the areas Russia held


Fixing Army Recruiting: Take Care of the Soldiers and their Families

Rather than read the Army’s recent call-to-arms memo, service leaders should focus on the recent Military Family Support Survey.

Defense Systems

The Pentagon’s Plan to Speed Up Software Buying for Weapons Systems

The DOD’s dedicated software acquisition pathway is nearly two years old, and is already being used by a few dozen programs.


White House Sending Key Air Defense System Ammunition To Ukraine

Between 70,000 and 80,000 Russian troops have been hurt or killed in Ukraine, in ‘most intense’ conventional combat since WWII, DOD says.