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MPEs Boost Interoperability, Speed Info Sharing Among Mission Partners

GDIT is developing next-generation MPE, which will involve data centricity, Zero Trust, and cloud architectures that deliver flexible and interoperable systems to coalition partners.


US, UK publish guidance for secure-by-design AI

The first-of-its-kind international effort aims to set standards for cybersecurity in artificial-intelligence software.

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Industry Brief: OSINT for US Defense & National Security

Learn how the vastness of open-source information can be leveraged to further situational awareness, understand disinformation efforts, uncover violent extremism threats, assess military capability and more.

Science & Tech

L3Harris eyes 2025 for F-16 EW production

Viper Shield will enable international customers to detect more than one enemy.

Defense Systems

US Navy: ‘Non-kinetic effects’ will likely decide the next war

The service’s new cyber strategy lays out lines of effort for a new era of warfare.

Science & Tech

Can troops with 3D printers save the Pentagon’s mass-drone vision?

Big defense contractors aren’t jumping at the chance to make cheap drones. It might be up to the troops.



Defense One Radio, Ep. 139: What we learned from a Middle Eastern airshow

We take a look at how officials around the region are carrying on with business as usual despite Israel's war with Hamas.

Science & Tech

DARPA seeks AI-powered ‘autonomous scientist’ to help researchers

The agency wants to do for scientists what AI code generators have done for programmers.


‘Russia is weaponizing time,’ Ukraine tells NATO

At Halifax conference, Western policy leaders struggled to meet a concatenation of crises.


Info threats demand a ‘cultural shift,’ new Pentagon strategy says

“The consistent integration of informational and physical power” must become “the norm.”


Ukraine’s artillery supply declines as shells go to Israel

President Zelenskyy confirms that 155mm deliveries are drying up, even as Russia presses an assault in the east.


Boeing aims to 'stabilize’ defense business as it pitches Mideast countries

New commercial sales and a NATO purchase cheer company officials after a downbeat earnings call.