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Concur Cloud for Public Sector Receives FedRAMP Authorized Status

Concur Cloud for Public Sector was built to protect sensitive government data and meet government security standards while providing a modern management platform.

Defense Systems

A new way to sound the alarm about open-source hacks

Recent attempts to sabotage free-to-use software components have a leading developers group working to spread the word about exploits.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 154: Behind the rise in global defense spending, Part 3: The wider world

In the final episode in a three-part series, we revisit the guns-vs.-butter debate and take another look at the consequences of Washington's "porcupine" strategy for Taiwan's defense.

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Navigating the AI revolution: Strategies for ethical implementation in federal civilian agencies

An industry expert offers an insightful demystification of AI, delving into core principles and best practices the company infuses into service, as well as advice for an ever-changing future.


The urgency of European strategic autonomy is more pronounced than ever

With Russia pressing from the east and Trump polling well in the west, the EU needs a dramatic increase in its defense capabilities.


The new rules of geopolitics in Africa

Washington should foster coalitions that can offer a better value proposition than competing revisionist powers.


What has China learned from Russia and Iran’s use of proxies?

The answer may help U.S. planners anticipate and spot Beijing's next moves.


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Made in the USA: Defense companies tense as Congress pressures them to buy domestic

A draft version of the 2025 defense authorization act has several provisions targeting China-made critical materials.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 153: Behind the rise in global defense spending, Part 2: China and the Indo-Pacific

Why is the region in the middle of an arms race? And what do analysts think China is really spending on its military?


U.S. military completes temporary pier off Gaza; deliveries to start within days

Thousands of tons of aid are on the way, one week after the IDF closed a key land corridor.

Defense Systems

The Air Force needs more in-house coders

Andrew Hunter, the service’s lead buyer, said adding experts on staff would make the government a better software customer.