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Transforming Military Aviation Through Autonomous Systems

As unmanned aerial vehicles grow increasingly complex, the goal is to create a collaborative autonomy that leverages the best of human and machine capabilities.

Northrop Grumman

Left in Limbo, a Handful of Biden’s Defense Picks Await Senate Action

Four nominees—all people of color—received committee approval months ago but have yet to get a Senate vote.


Expect Big Replenishment Orders Soon, Army Tells Industry

February and March should bring contracts to replace weapons sent to Ukraine, acquisition chief says.

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6 Capabilities You Need for Rapid Recovery

Since 2019, every release of Veeam’s®️ Modern Data Protection platform has delivered cyber resiliency and ransomware protection capabilities, helping organizations recover from a cyberattack in minutes.

Science & Tech

The Pentagon’s Innovation Shop Wants More Influence in 2023

The agency wants to be part of program executives’ acquisition strategies and to spread more commercial-based tech across the department.


US Army Readies Ukraine Abrams Tank Options For Policymakers

Logistical details must be hashed out in the wake of Biden’s pledge.


Breaking News Policy

US to Send 31 M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

They will join “hundreds” more armored vehicles arriving amid concerns about an anticipated Russian offensive.


Marines To Train For Future Battlefield With Immersive Technologies

The Marine Corps is revamping its training and education programs to prepare Marines to be problem solvers and decision makers, senior service officials say.


CEOs Downplay Anticipated Gridlock on Capitol Hill, Defense Spending Cuts

Lockheed, Raytheon chiefs also say pandemic-era supply-chain woes are subsiding.


Advanced F-16 Version Makes First Flight, Lockheed Says

Five countries have ordered the fighter jet’s Block 70 variant, and the company is looking for more customers.

Science & Tech

Is This New Microwave Weapon the Answer to Iranian Drones?

Army awards $66 million to develop weapon that can fry drone bits in the air.

Science & Tech

The Army’s Longtime Cloud Chief Looks Back—and Forward

Paul Puckett talks about what the service has accomplished in cloud computing since 2019, what’s left undone, and what’s next.


DOD's New SATCOM Plan Puts US Space Command in Charge

Clearer descriptions of various agencies' roles is just part of the Pentagon's new effort to improve its satellite communications.