U.S. Army

LTG Campbell: Smaller U.S. Army Europe Adapting to Post-War Era

U.S. Army Europe chief Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell said 30,000 soldiers is “about right for the future.” Here’s why. By Kevin Baron

The U.S. has far fewer soldiers in Europe than in years past, but still has enough to fulfill its mission, according to Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell, commander of U.S. Army Europe. Campbell told Defense One that as the war years wind down, the U.S. Army’s mission in Europe is changing to focus on theatre security and cooperating across allies. Winding down “massive” amounts of installations into seven major locations, and just two brigade combat teams, is a significant reduction. But for the commanding general, those groups combined with capabilities like air to missile defenses and medical facilities adds up. “Thirty thousand is about right for the future,” Campbell said

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