Ep. 8: The Atlantic's Uri Friedman; Battle for Hodeida; New Special Ops gear, weapons and more.

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In this episode, recorded on Thursday, June 14:

  • The Atlantic's Uri Friedman on what lies ahead for the U.S. military on the Korean peninsula;
  • Then (35:27 with Meredith Stricker of the Soufan Center) we’ll get an update on the war in Yemen, which began a new chapter this week with a new offensive on the western port city of Hodeida (44:05 with Adam Baron of the European Council on Foreign Relations, from Beirut);
  • And after that, (at the 48:01 mark) we’ll travel down to Tampa where our own Patrick Tucker talks to the man who buys weapons for America’s special operators, Jim Smith. 

Today's roundtable participants include: 

  • Uri Friedman, who writes about global affairs for The Atlantic;
  • Kevin Baron, Defense One executive editor;
  • Caroline Houck, Defense One staff correspondent;
  • And Ben Watson, Defense One news editor.

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