Ep. 10: Molly O'Toole on US border security; NATO summit preview; See you in Helsinki, and more.

Welcome to our podcast about the news, strategy, tech, and business trends defining the future of national security.

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Here’s what we’re talking about this week (recorded June 28, 2018):

  • Our former colleague and current Investigative Reporters and Editor’s fellow Molly O’Toole just got back from a trip to Mexico; so we’re gonna talk about national security on the southern U.S. border;
  • Then we’ll break down President Trump’s upcoming trip to NATO in July.
  • And after all that, we’ll drop in on our annual tech summit — which happened Tuesday in Washington — to hear Patrick Tucker interview the chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant General Robert P. Ashley, Jr. That begins at the 51:42 mark.

In addition to Molly, we’re joined today by:

  • Kevin Baron, executive editor;
  • Bradley Peniston, deputy editor;
  • Patrick Tucker, technology editor;
  • And Ben Watson, news editor.

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