Polish support for Ukraine brings lessons, but also risks

Warsaw is learning just what is killing its donated field guns, and battling Russian spy rings back home.

Lockheed, Raytheon sign deal to make Javelin anti-tank weapons in Poland

The United States has given Ukraine more than 10,000 of the weapons so far as they fight against the Russian invasion.


EU plans to arm Ukraine bearing fruit, but more is needed, Estonia says

Ahead of a US visit, top defense ministry leader says effort to deliver a million artillery shells will likely reach its goal by next summer.

US to train Ukrainian pilots, maintainers on F-16s this fall

The pilots will go through English language training before getting into the cockpit.

NATO creates $1.1B fund for tech startups

The U.S. and Canada have yet to join the effort, which resembles the U.S. intelligence community's In-Q-Tel.

Why the U.S. still needs ground forces in Europe

Moscow’s setbacks notwithstanding, refocusing on China would be a mistake.

NATO’s defense demands Eastern Front improvements

The recent summit largely avoided urgent questions about the mismatch between available forces and the Russian threat.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 129: After the NATO summit + a trip to the Pacific

Patrick Tucker explains what he learned during a recent trip to Indo-PACOM headquarters in Hawaii.

Ukraine disappointed, but NATO summit sees progress on several fronts

Sweden is expected to get a formal OK for membership and the alliance is to release new battle plans. There's even a sidelines commitment to Ukraine.

Someone’s missing from NATO’s spending debates

Finance ministers—much more powerful in almost every non-U.S. member government—need a seat at the table.