Why Both Sides of the Atlantic Should Come Together on Tech

Insufficient coordination on investment priorities, integration, and governance has created space for Chinese and Russian gains.

Strengthen U.S. Security Through Nuclear Arms Reductions

Biden has an opportunity to bolster deterrence, reduce proliferation risks, and lower the risk of nuclear war.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 88: How Air Warfare is Changing

Four experts describe lessons from Iraq, Azerbaijan, Gaza, and more.

The U.S. Should Get Serious About Submarine Cable Security

Three trends are accelerating risks to underwater cables’ security and resilience. 

US Afghanistan Withdrawal Becomes Ammo For Disinformation Attacks

Adversaries are trying to make Lithuania doubt America’s commitment to its NATO partner.

Was Russia’s April Exercise a Practice Run for a Ukraine Invasion?

The use of smoke operations and a large troop presence in Crimea suggests that Russia was telegraphing its ability to launch a major assault on Ukraine.

Biden Will Announce $60M Security Aid to Ukraine To Counter Russia

The White House meeting with Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelenskyy will also reaffirm the partnership between the two countries.

The Curious Omission in Russia’s New Security Strategy

It doesn’t mention “cyber”—and that tells us a few things.

Private Equity Firm Acquires Geost, Whose Sensors Protect Satellites

It’s a play to capitalize on massive satellite orders from the Pentagon.

Report: China Is Hacking Russia, Too

Moscow may be just “waking up” to the fact that their new partner sees them as a target.

If China and the US Claim the Same Moon-Base Site, Who Wins?

Relatively few craters are attractive, and there’s no consensus about avoiding conflict over them.

What I Heard in the White House Basement

I knew the president had clear and straightforward talking points—I’d written them.

In the Newly Noisy Arctic, Underwater Operations Are Getting Harder

Less ice means more ships, which means more problems for sonar operators and their skippers.

Biden’s 6-Month Clock On Russia-U.S. Nuke Talks Starts Now

Officials met for the first time in Geneva on Wednesday. They’re set to come together again in September.

What the Afghanistan Withdrawal Means for Georgia’s NATO Dreams

The Caucasian nation is losing one of its best ways to demonstrate that it belongs in the Western alliance.

Information Warfare Looms Larger in Russia’s New Security Strategy

Kremlin’s first update in six years decries foreign influence, calls for more Russian info ops.