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US to Send 31 M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

They will join “hundreds” more armored vehicles arriving amid concerns about an anticipated Russian offensive.

US, Allies Push Armor and Rockets Into Ukraine

The aid package comes amid worries about a Russian spring offensive.

Kahl: U.S. Focused on ‘Next Phase’ of Ukraine Conflict

A big aid package is expected this week, but it likely won’t contain long-sought, controversial items like ATACMS.

Ukraine Needs US Help in Fighting Two Wars, Sen. King Says

The Maine independent recently returned from meetings with leaders in Ukraine.

Bradleys, Self-Propelled Howitzers Head to Ukraine as More Difficult Fight in the South Awaits

The biggest U.S. aid package yet reflects new realities on the ground.

Foreign Meddling in US Elections Affects Allies’ Trust, Study Finds

When respondents were told that American democracy wasn’t working reliably, they lost faith in the U.S. commitment to partnerships.

Senior White House Official: Wagner Mercenaries More ‘Aggressive’ Than Russian Military

The Wagner group is doing what the regular Russian military can’t. But it’s still losing.