Welcome to Defense One

Introducing a new publication for a new era. By Kevin Baron

Letter from the Editor:
A New Publication for a New Era

Welcome to Defense One, a new digital publication from Atlantic Media Company and an entirely new concept for national security coverage. Defense One is a news site that will go deeper, featuring reporting, analysis and bold ideas about the trends that are driving the future of defense and U.S. national security.

The transformation from the post-9/11 decade of war into a new 21st century global security era has begun. With an open-door policy to new and innovative voices, my hope is that Defense One will be a news and conversation destination for the national security leaders, influential professionals, stakeholders and citizens who are navigating that change.

Defense One will deliver a daily mix of stories by award-winning journalists and useful, insightful commentary across the entire national security spectrum -- from politics and procurement to global affairs and ground troops. Expect breaking analysis on the top news events of the day to run alongside deeper dives that shine a critical light on lesser-known facets of a national security world that most never see. Look for a range of voices from senior leaders in Washington to commanders abroad and next-generation thinkers far from the political scrum.

We will focus on the global threats commanding the U.S. military’s attention, the domestic and international politics of security, management of the government’s largest institutions and agencies through this transitional period and the influence of rapidly advancing technology on defense strategy. Finally, an entire channel of Defense One is devoted to one thing: Ideas. There, nothing is sacred. The stakes are too high for holding back.

The dedicated team at Government Executive Media Group has exceeded its own expectations, and certainly mine, with a simply stunning website that is responsive to mobile devices and incredibly engaging for users whether on a phone, tablet or computer. We’ll use that platform as a new space for innovative thinking about what is driving and shaping the U.S. national security community into this new era.

I cannot overstate how proud I am to present to you: Defense One.

Kevin Baron
Executive Editor

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