American Readiness Project

To Rebuild America’s Weakened Alliances, Heal Its Diplomatic Corps

To guide us through troubled waters, we need a competent, influential, and re-invigorated State Department.

Defense Companies Scramble to Make Virtual Internships Work

Despite the economic crisis, the industry has too much to do, and not enough people to do it.

Ep. 69: “The World: A Brief Introduction,” with Richard Haass

The president of the Council on Foreign Relations explains why the world needs to be reintroduced to a general audience in 2020.

Ep. 68: How Americans view the U.S. role in the world, with Ivo Daalder

Are Americans ready, willing, and able to be the global security leaders of this century?

The Air Force and Navy Are Testing This App to Stay Fit Amid Social Distancing

A biometric data app is helping the services monitor the health of sailors and airmen stuck at home.

Trump Could Have Led the World Against the Coronavirus

We have to isolate ourselves from the virus. He doesn't have to isolate us from the world.

Will Flying Cars Help the US Beat China? The Air Force Hopes So

Service officials say giving American manufacturers first-mover advantage is just as important as the military benefits of vertical-lift buses.

Meet the House Republicans Who Want to Rein In Trump On War

After the Soleimani strike, a working group of moderate Republicans and Democrats trying to “clarify” Congress’s war responsibilities hope they can build momentum.

‘Are You in This?’

If so many Americans believe Russia is an ally, China is a good business partner, and terrorism isn’t worth fighting anymore, how can the United States be counted on for global security?

Amazon’s Bezos Hits Silicon Valley For Not Working With Pentagon

His comments come as his company fights to wrest DOD’s giant cloud contract from Microsoft.

National Security Is Made of People

We need a way to measure the readiness of our civilian national-security workforce. Then we need to fix it.

Do Americans Still Want The US to Be the World’s Security Leader?

The post-Trump awakening of political activism is inspiring, but seems to end at the border. We’re teaming up with CNAS to find out why.

Defense One, CNAS Launch American Readiness Project

Over the next year, the Project will chronicle Americans' desire, willingness, and capability to keep their country a global security leader.